What and inspiring story, very sad for what she went through but God is in control of everything. Thank you Vice President Pence They are following orders from the chose 1. I think wearing a mask should be a personal choice and if your sick stay the hell home. This is what will happen to our Country if biden gets in that women did not deserve that now she has nothing and the dems theycal lthese days peaceful days this is a peaceful demonstration not to me it is not and this will go on because if you remember the dems promise you every thing and after thr election they throw you to the dogs. Definitely a better use of funds and time as opposed to those who would rather bail out the dirt bags that tried to destroy her.. I hate the way Facebook is so freaking left. Always putting the left viewpoint first. So not cool. Jack And Sally 3d christmas sweater

Jack And Sally 3d christmas sweater

Jack And Sally 3d christmas sweater - pic 1

Yes. We WILL rebuild once her lunatic husband is outta there. A LOT of rebuilding, starting with our national image.. It is very unfortunate that the citizens of a free country are being held hostage by their father and especially by their daughters. Will there be an end to politicians in America? Christians have an identity of their own, but the president of the Uni… . nothing will get done hes too tooo far removed from real life. I told your country before the spread of the virus in China, your country for your advice? No one cares.. حسن العقيلي. Did we see the same debate Mr. Snowflake?. Joseph Lahood. Why doesnt the President have a specific website made used as a repository for all the lies Biden-Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, the Democrat Party and the News Media have made and then promote it to the American people during the debate, rallies, ads, etc.… See More Jack And Sally 3d christmas sweater

Jack And Sally 3d christmas sweater

Thats nice, but what happens if you rebuild it and they tear it down again? Have to go after the terrorists first.. Are you sure this isn’t fake news? After all, according to Joe, the people who did this are an idea and therefore don’t exist! . Democrats only care about their power and covering up all the corruption! They don’t care anything about We the people.. Lori Townsley. Chau Nguyen. Isolda De Leycestre. Kamala last night. I’m sorry for you loss we feel so deeply for you, buttttttt. There should be no but. Spent all that time learning double talk and still suck and have not heart. Where’s Ivanka and Jared? Haven’t seen them since 45 tested positive.. What’s the point to rebuild if these lifeless worthless human beings will do the same thing again?. The public does want to hear the moderator!!. So we lose focus on the fact that they’re helping her rebuild! Over a mask issue?!

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All will be well. Ivanka is on the case to see that it turns out well in the end. We will rebuild GOD WILLING. don’t forget to add the God Willing part.. Cody Skinner. 1) In at least two deals — hotels in Hawaii and Vancouver, Ivanka Trump appears to have double-dipped — serving as both a project manager in her official capacity as a senior staffer for her fathers company and as a consultant” to those same projec… . Fight the powers of the socialist democrats lies and hate
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Tenor. Klot Socheata. Vice President Pence is a statesman who can focus on the essentials and solve problems! I love to hear him speak!. President Covid is hosting a bunch of fools Saturday where he will address them Mussolini style from the Truman Balcony “will be his Jim Jones moment.”. We are fortunate to have Pence as Our VP

Teddy bear says we have a beautiful daughter. Guess mike pence is still a guillani with no swagger.. Vote Red for the help to go back and rebuild.. You should run for president Ivanka, your works and words make more sense than your dad.. Please, please, I beg you for 210,000 Americans who lost their lives, tell your father Donald Trump to resign. This is a HUGE tragedy . She must have had insurance. What’s the big deal?. This is my advice to President Trump. On fracking; Chesapeake Energy does not pay its leaseholders all due royalties. Living in the Marcellus shale reserves Chesapeake deducted their operating costs from the royalty payments and then claimed bankruptcy and dont pay at all. The Marcellus s… . Haven’t seen you out and about are you in quarantine?. Danny Johnson
Get ready to lose an election.. Shut up about the mask Biden doesn’t either look it up. The mask doesn’t stop it I know from experience thank you.

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