It's a throat punch kinda day mug


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TIME TO SHUT IT DOWN It’s a throat punch kinda day mug. Please take more restrictive measures for Tennesseans, including self-quarantine for the whole state. Let’s be proactive instead of reactive.. I second Patricia Bowens comment. We have met with our county, etc. Something needs to change. 3rd world countries have better connections then we do. My husbands business associate from India came here and was amazed internet doesn’t run down our street. Shameful the lack of utilities. I have been a lifelong Republican but I will tell you, when I see ads like James Mackler has been running, addressing true needs we tax payers need…. that may sway my vote. Gov. Bill Lee, we would like to meet with you. This needs to change. Our county, which is one of the top 5 fastest growing county (Maury) has done NOTHING to move us into the technology we need to be at.

It’s a throat punch kinda day mug

Every time I see this sorry excuse for a human’s face…I am absolutely disgusted.. You completely dropped the ball for children with disabilities. Tennessee will now continue to be the only state without a Katie Beckett waiver. . I hope that in consideration of the future budget; it will be taking as a priority to cut off all help to illegals!! The state of Tennesse has too many illegals. We already look like a SANCTUARY STATE, even though is not “official”.. Bill Lee is trash. I am so disappointed in your meager steps to slow down the effects of this disaster.. So let me get this straight. You are against abortion, ***as am I***but not against having children die after they come home from the hospital? It’s a throat punch kinda day mug TENNESSEAN.COM Tennessee erased insurance for at least 128,000 kids. Many parents don’t know.. Remember you told me that you would not allow money from the fuel tax designated for roads and bridges to be put into the general fund and used for other things. This has been done for several years and you said you would not do it. I expect you to keep your word.

It’s a throat punch kinda day mug

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