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Death always carried the scythe in his hand. At first, I carried weapons such as spears, arrows, darts … to attack and take the victim’s life. But later on the scythe was replaced to symbolize withering, ending life. Ironworker hawaiian shirt. The scythe helps Death “harvest” the soul, cut the invisible bond between humans and the world to go, transcendence. Besides, sometimes Death also brought an hourglass to remind the life of mortals. Who is born in the life also has a life time corresponding to the amount of sand flowing in the watch of Death. When the sand runs out is also the time for someone to say goodbye to life. Gods have a strong influence on the cultural life of mankind. Since ancient times, there are many ancient tales about human encounter, encounter with Grim Reaper. All must receive a tragic end. In ancient Russian tales, there is a work Death and the Soldier narrating the progress of the war of mankind and Death.

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