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Jordyn Nicole Hannah Grace and Cammy.. I will always love and support you guys !!! I been friends with Harry since 2012 . I seen the ups and downs and I have to say all the boys have managed their fame better than literally everyone in their era .. I WAS 12 WHEN EVERYTHING STARTED!!! AND I AM TURNING 22 TODAY. . When Harry leaves space for Zayn during Little things concert !!. I can’t mention just one, but the fact that I gained 7 of my best friends through them and their fun and games says it all. . I have been a fan since the beginning!!! I will always be a directioner!!! I will always support them as well! You guys are definitely missed! I love listening to your songs when they play on shuffle, they always bring a smile to my face and instantly … See More In this house poster

In this house poster

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so much to remember!!! i enjoyed every second of it though!. You may hate me and I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings but I’m not happy enough with this premiere. It’s 10 years, they went so far and up and after all they made one short video..nothing more. I am so glad they show love to each other post some pics to… See More. One direction should reunite….I love their music. Omg I love you so much All that time it’s been amazing. I’ve known them since I was a pre-teen and I’m so proud of each of you.. I will be always a fan one One Direction and continue to support them even if they are already disbanded. Happy 10th Anniversary One Direction . i will always love the boys. no matter what. i’m so thankful for everything they have done for us. this video was amazing In this house poster

In this house poster

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I need something new to do…. like watch the infinity music video . Where is my husband zayn. It didn’t allow me to log into my spotify . Yeah we have done everything now release the infinity mv. It doesn’t connect to my Spotify :((. Cool… can we have the infinity mv. Can we buy the cd?. Yea, next could you drop the single?. “All my life you stood by me when nobody else was behind me” in my eyes this song is talking about us and how much we do for them. get back together or drop the infinity mv thanks . he does not make me do it tells me that I cannot connect. Tapos na anniv lads wag paasa please. I’ve tried so many times but it isn’t signing in. BUT DEEP DOWN WE REALLY WNT INFINITY MV BOSSS. Where is infinity video?. Where is zayn?. Comeback when? Infinity MV when?

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Is impossible to believe but is the true, and the only thing what we can do is wait for you guys and support you forever like we are doing now. And even if they don’t come back I will never forget the melodious songs they made. Missing the 5 first boy band team i loved. No one can forget One Diretion Songs. They are the best!!! 1D forever. I’m literally crying while watching the video. Thank you for the music and moments. You guys made my teenage life more colorful. I will always be a Directioner and that’s a promise.. This is too much to take in . We missed you a lot lot. This is not everything we wanted but it’s great you guys have considered this. We really love you and are grateful to be a part of this fandom. May someday you guys come back happier. I don’t think anyone knows why I adore you guys so much, but the reason my love for you runs deep is because you’ve helped me tremendously with my healing and coping during my depressive and anxiety episodes when I was 12 years old which is about 8 yea… See More

I became One Direction fan. I was 11-13 back then when they were just starting as a band, living on the other side of the world, the Philippines to be exact, I am listening to their music always and I’ve said to my mom that I want to be like them, but … See More. Thank you for coming to my life and improving every part of it, you helped me in my difficult times with just the lyrics of your songs, I never thought I had such an immense love when I met them, I never thought that they would mark my life, I do not r… See More
Play GIF. i can’t believe it’s been 10 years.. i have watched and listened you guys since you all started in 2010. i was 8 years old now i’m almost 18. . i have been following you since i was 10 i am 20 now.
I listen to you again because I adore and would always adore your music.… See More

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