In this classroom we are flamingos poster


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Terri Justus BerlierHow are your posts ending up on my Facebook? I am a conservative Republican. You and George are NOT and are a detriment to our party. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Our party stood up for you when the democrats mocked and made fun of your hu… See More67 . Nancy AussprungVote for Trump and save the country we know you love! 190 . Glenn Carr BobThey turned their back on Texas (said nothing when one of there relatives wanted to move the Alamo) and the American people. 14 . Ann Summers JohnsonYes, I agree. I have lost total respect for you and your family for not voting Republican! And instead voting for Biden/Harris and the far left platform! I guess you don’t really love American and all she stands for!14 . Dan GleasonShame on you for backing Biden!!30 . Susan Weaver HastingsThink we are understanding more about the Bush’s. Jenna being Savannah Guthrie’s best friend says a lot!25  In this classroom we are flamingos poster

In this classroom we are flamingos poster

In this classroom we are flamingos poster

Phyllis Rogers KellyI dont support the bushes anymore.they are traitors all because their brother got his feelings hurt .I feel the same towards McCain’s58 . Linda Johnson DraughnDon’t care what Laura thinks. Don’t have much respect for her anymore or any of the Bush family!39 . Donna FlynnLove the Bushes and what they’ve done for AIDS research, our Veterans, and nature.65 . Jeanette Nichols OsteenI USED TO LOVE THE BUSH FAMILY UNTIL THEY TURNED THEIR BACKS ON AMERICA AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. SO VERY SAD… TRUMP 2020553 . Janice EylanderYour family has betrayed the very people who supported your husband’s and Father in law’s presidency. We are hurt by this betrayal. You could be such a help right now in these troubling times. Instead you are silent except for your endorsement of the p… See More182 . Rhoda K. ButlerNot if Texas goes blue………and where are the Bush cheerleaders —- so very disappointed in all of you, but especially GWB…… on earth can you look in the mirror every morning as you aid and abet socialism for the USA???128  In this classroom we are flamingos poster

NEW – In this classroom we are flamingos poster

In this classroom we are flamingos posterIn this classroom we are flamingos poster

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