In My Dream World Books Are Free And Reading Mug



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Happy Birthday Eddie, thanks for so many years of great movies and laughs! Make a Beverly Hills Cop 4!!. Happy birthday Eddie and many Happy returns. Me and my 9 yr old watched Dr do little today first time she seen it she laughed pretty good,. in life we ​​should appreciate life and the joy of small things and thank you for every day health I would like to ask you for your photo or poster with a signature I love your movies and I love you very much as a man thank you very much and you are a… See More. Hey Eddie. It’s been a long time since Dr. Rothman’s class at Nassau but I will never forget the day you came in and told me, “Case, this is my last day. I got a gig with SNL”. Happy birthday my friend. Stay well.. Eddie , a late happy birthday, but this is why i’m contacting you, i need u 2 put your song out there, Why Do You Hate I, this is a good time 4 your song, contact the radio stations In My Dream World Books Are Free And Reading Mug

In My Dream World Books Are Free And Reading Mug

LOOK AT THAT HOUSE …and they JUST NOW giving that man his emmy?!. Alright Eddie!!! That was the only episode I’ve watched in years, and I watched just for you.. You deserved it a long time ago! Put some reggae music out. Love you Eddie congratulations. My bff and i, Jessica Ann, use to sneak watching delirious and raw, when we were kids and your 2 best of Eddie Murphy SNL dvds, I’ve watched them enough times that I can quote them. You’re the greatest Eddie! No one else could’ve pulled off playing 6 c… See More. Your the man Eddie! Way too long for this to happen! Favorite comedian of all time hands down best punch man, when you coming back to stand up Eddie!! Eddie!!. Congrats Saw You in Ottawa in 1986 saw Bill Cosby that Year as well. I noticed you look a little like the great inventor Granville Woods. He was a pretty interesting and accomplished man. Very Smart and kicked Thomas Edison’s butt at least twice. Maybe you should tell his story. That other inventor movie did quite well. In My Dream World Books Are Free And Reading Mug

In My Dream World Books Are Free And Reading Mug

Very cool Eddie.. Eddie is aging backwards . You, Chris And I Should Do: “The Hologram World Tour…” You And Chris Would Never Have To Leave Your Home Theatre…. Eddie for ever. Gladys Jaclyn soto .posted 1 video,a must see!!no one is ready for this!!. I just read a story about Eddie and Michael Jordan in Vegas in an elevator it includes an unnamed woman. Any one know if it’s true?. Hey Eddie, is this hollywood enough for you? This message to all the humans , don’t follow the religion of your parents ,You must work your mind to reach to the right religion because after your death you will be judged alone, and the message is, You must read the holy Quran, the holy book of isl… See More
Miracles of Quran. Duval got . How are u guys? This corona virus really sucks..
Its Danny from borderline delusion band.
Words and music. … See More
CORONA VIRUS, TOILET PAPER WAR trump caught stealing TP. Borderline delusion band – YouTube

It seems the time you had been away from the business didn’t do any harm to your career because you are just as great an actor and comedian as ever. We all missed you and are so glad you are back. Congrats Eddie, you deserve the recognition and surely… See More. Mr Church is an awesome performance thank you ……I needed to let loose the tears God bless. Today’s your birthday. I didn’t know. And today I’m watching Dolemite. Very pleasant and well done. Happy birthday . Eddie D Most Talented Comedian In Hollywood,COMING TO AMERICA And MEET DAVE Are My Favourite. Love this and i don’t care what the critics said, I dug your performance in Mr. Church as well! Want to see you in some more serious dramas as well as comedies! You got serious chops that I’d love to see you flex them in!. Love this film. It is a great how to of getting out of a funk, to press on to find and make your dreams come true.

Oooh Scary Spice is definitely missing in there… . This your COUSIN Anthony Green Remember COUSIN Clarence Your An Angel from Heaven YEAH A real Angel Your my Arch Angel and My WARING ANGEL. Your sister Dana is not doing good. She didn’t Got fired on her day off but she try to lived other life in C… See More. Look at his swag. You’re a good dude Eddie.. He Should of been nominated for an Oscar. . Dang, you do not age. Keep doing what doing and make it do what it do.. Jesus! He can handle another kid!. Don’t get this pic. And don’t want to. Too bad it’s not just Eddie on the cover. Happy birthday Eddie (loved ur work in mulan, haunted mansion, Shrek, & espcially doctor dolittle). Look at my boy Eddie!!! . BABE if you want to be a God go down to posterity and leave a legacy to the world as an actor, director or movie producer you only have to film the books of La Santa Bertha as they were announced in public domain for the diva’s premature death. Robert … See More

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