I'm claustrophobic darren christmas jumper and sweatshirt


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I can go into youtube or play music Louis and tap any of your songs guess its next best thing to seein you alive. One day I’ll get to see u in uk. I know 100%you’ll please all your fans with yor gr8 voice. X. I’ll be there . Happy you get to add more tour dates. Hope Berlin will be rescheduled soon!. OMG! I’m so excited. Thank u Mexico loves you. Why can Mexico have more dates when PERU I’m claustrophobic darren christmas jumper and sweatshirt doesn’t even have 1 date?. Hello, Louis, I hope you are enjoying your tour. It must be amazing to hear fans singing all your new songs! My daughter and I hope to see you perform in Houston, in July. We love listening to, and watching your music videos (both 1D and solo). . Omg, you’re the Best human un this world, i love you, and i need you to be happy, yo make me happy, i love your songs, never stop do that you want do, and you are the sun of my life, i’m wait that you can answer me, because i’m never went to any shows … See More

I’m claustrophobic darren christmas jumper and sweatshirt

I'm claustrophobic darren christmas jumper and sweatshirt 1

I love you very much, thank you for coming, I will look forward to you. You better add more songs to the setlist for the Mexico concerts because I want to hear all of your songs . Louis, I love you I’m claustrophobic darren christmas jumper and sweatshirt please come to Singapore . Enjoy it Mexico, you have more opportunities than Peru. Thinking of all those people out there who are gutted that theirs have been cancelled due to the spread of the Coronavirus. Praying that this stops spreading real soon. Also feel for you Louis, you’ve been working hard and looking forward to this Tou… See More. I can not wait to see you live in June! I am so excited! Love you Louis, I’m so proud of you . My life, I have no money to see you but I will do my best to see you at the airport, I love you very much and I am extremely proud of you.

I’m claustrophobic darren christmas jumper and sweatshirt

I'm claustrophobic darren christmas jumper and sweatshirt 3

Even I’m so excited for you…be yourself.. live your life.. live your imagination..do whatever you want to do on stage…say whatever you want to say…. don’t hold back anymore…be proud.. know your fans & ofcourse your MOM are always there for you… Love You… sooo excited to see you in st louis!!! very proud of you tommo i knew you would make it one day. your mum and fizzy are looking down at you with smiles on their faces . I can’t reach my body to tell you how much I love you and how proud I am of you. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me and you can’t imagine how you just fixed the night with this show you did today where you felt very happy and I would give a… See More. The fact that you have The Black Keys and Nirvana in that playlist makes me so happy!!! Awesome playlist!

I'm claustrophobic darren christmas jumper and sweatshirt 2

Shame I live in Croydon but louis will do Bsrcelona proud x. Berlin show is canceled???!. Live you so much Louis . I find your singing very comfortable I’m going through a lot of problems right now I would like to meet you in person I know maybe that might not happen but I just truly would like to see you meet you in person. I love so much the playlist bb. Us: Louis please cover Home and No control please, please
Louis: . Berlin show is canceled because of corona capacity restrictions, I’m devastated . Hi, I hope they don’t cancel the Berlin Show, because of Corona. I still can’t believe that I can’t see you in Milan on Wednesday, I’m so sad. Have fun Louis I live on clermont florida.. Everyday is your day! Love you sun. Hope you had an amazing time in your first night . i will listen to this playlist on my way to work.

It would be really nice of you if you could atleast adress the canceled/postponed concerts. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for all other fans that they get new dates, just an official statement would be great. @LTHQOfficial @Louis_Tomlinson. Thank you very much for giving us this opportunity. I can not wait to see you. Proud of you Louis!! So sorry a lot has been canceled, but have the best time of your life on the upcoming gigs!. Thanks for a show in CDMX on my birthday . Please come to Belgium too!. You deserves it Lou. Come to Peru please
Play GIF. YOU MAKING ME CRAZYYYYY! I’m getting the money for the 2 shows in mexico city. He has about as much stage presence as my sphincter. What do these teenies see in him?. Mood:. Can’t wait to buy the tickets. Please come to quebec or montreal. please come to manila i’m begging you.

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