If you longer go for a gap that exists ayrton senna poster


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You are absolutely breath taking!! Love you in Once upon a time in Hollywood…hope Quentin cast you in his next movie!!! Love you beautiful…whoever he is he is the luckiest man in Hollywood!!!!. The real Tonya looks nothing like and is nothing like Margot. Margot is a Queen. They was awful to her when they taken her skating for life I believe in 2 chances shame on them. The Indian in the bean sprout coming from Rowan Atkinson’s cupboard. Your amazing women the Harley Quinn movie was really good. Your awesome. Great film for a Saturday afternoon!. Beauty is just one of the beautiful features you have.. Your beauty is amazing.. Margot Robbie I wish you happiness love harmony self improvement self realization creative immortality and happy Birthday !!!. Amazing & 3xciting movie.. KATIE BURNS Thanks for the kind comments, Do you work in Queensland?. I AM COMING IKFW AUSTRALIA HARLEY QUINN If you longer go for a gap that exists ayrton senna poster

If you longer go for a gap that exists ayrton senna poster

If you longer go for a gap that exists ayrton senna poster 1

That poor girl, she were so talented, I don’t know what happened in her mind, If you longer go for a gap that exists ayrton senna poster She just lost everything for one stupid mistake.. You assume in theaters in December. I remember when this all went down. I also watched her wedding night video, which was “leaked” shortly after she and her husband split.. I never was into the sport but this movie looks pretty great Rachel. Just a little bit damaged makes a good actor or just practice lol rock on little miss. If Tonya Harding was pretty?. Scratch the title and rename it Dr. Harleen Quinzel. (The origin of Harley quinn) boom…instant double hit.. I have already watched this I think cuase the time were the mom and the daughter were outside the daughter was crying cuase the mom was to cheap and for the school picture she let her wear her ice skating dress but not sure. Loved this film

If you longer go for a gap that exists ayrton senna poster

If you longer go for a gap that exists ayrton senna poster 3

hi i can you help me financially I’m writing songs for the sake of Allah turkiyede I’m very hard to please return me structure. I’m sure your mother is the most beautiful lady in the world. Think this movie is a mistake and should not have been made….If I was an actor I would have turned it down….. Erin Walker I kinda think we should see this together also I just miss you so I would see anything with you. Gavin Pilapil Yohan Lee Aron Indrajith ewwww she looks so old and unattractive now… just got outclassed . Anybody want to have a water baloon party? Water from Sierra Leone’s yellow algae & water from London, Ontario’s blue algae? Do you like clowns? What if the man in London, washed with her water, what color would his hair go? What if the woman in Sierra… See More. Margot is way too prettier to play tonya if you know what i mean?

If you longer go for a gap that exists ayrton senna poster 2

i went as Tonya Harding’s thug for halloween so I could “Take A Knee” and people said that was too political so i went instead as “Emotionally Stable” and no one recognized me… go figure. I heard this was a knee slapper.. Hi Margot Robbie how are you doi ng I hope to see the new Dundee . I can’t even believe they made this into a movie who cares what happened to her when she was younger she made her own choices for being a bad loser… she’s a disgrace why immortalize her on film. She lives across the street from my coworker’s house. He says that she’s a straight up bitch. Like you can’t run into her and not get attitude from her.. Hi Margot Robbie I’m sorry I was busy but I would like to say yes I do trust you take care and a goodnight. Excellent movie! Amazing performances. Oscar should be knocking. First movie I’ve seen you in – you rule.

Tonya should feel pretty honored that she is being played by Margot Robbie, one of the most beautiful women in the World. We all know what happened, and how it ends. I’m not sure why they would choose to make this picture. Robbie is worth the price of … See More. I’m dying to see the movie. I just can’t seem to figure out when it will be playing around Seattle. Any info would be appreciated.. The movie is incredible! Congrats to the entire ensemble. It’s so much bigger than Tonya herself. I loved it.. I grew up watching Margot on Neighbours in Australia. So glad to see her dominating Hollywood. I can’t wait for this!! I grew up skating during this time and I even met Tonya about 3 weeks before the whole incident. I’ve always been a big Tonya fan.. It was Nancy I never liked. Sure she looked sweet and everyone loved her but I was like 10 and thought she was so fake! Which came to light at Disney. Sometimes it’s the “sweetest” people that can be cruel too. She never fooled me.

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