If it involves Jesus and country music count me in mug


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Thank you for your great work, Yamiche. I find you to be superbly professional and level-headed. I’m grateful we have you. I listen to you almost every night on the NewsHour.. I listen to News Hour every night. Really like this show. Everything is on point with all stories. Your segment is always great and also on point.11 I do love it when you can get in his face. He so hates very strong women of which you are definate… See More. Yamiche…Thank you, for all you do to keep us informed of what’s going on…the Truth!. I don’t know how you can stand this clown. Great as always. YOU, not him!. Yamiche, if you would summarize his confabulations I will listen to you! You do a wonderful job for PBS. 45 is too scattered brained & uninformed for me or my family to waste our time with.. Thank you for the report. I can not listen to trump. It’s too stressful. I want to be informed and I count on reporters like you who have to face him daily. Thank you for your service to our nation and to the constitution. You’re my hero. If it involves Jesus and country music count me in mug

If it involves Jesus and country music count me in mug

If it involves Jesus and country music count me in mug- pic 1

It’s not a briefing podium anymore, it’s the Trump Cartel clown show and campaign propaganda stage.. I couldn’t hold my tongue talking to this genius. There would be a f bomb explosion directed toward him and DeSantis. We look forward to your reporting and PBS as a whole. It would be truly helpful if ALL the news agencies would fact check trump live- while the broadcast is in.. So he says one thing when reading his notes and contradicts it when he goes off notes. Scary.. Thank you so much for all you do to keep the news factual and up-to-date.. He is incapable of articulating a consistent and coherent message on anything.. Keep up the good work!. Sometimes the news should just do a sick out. Only fox should show up.. I can’t get past even his second part of putting on mask with out getting frustrated. Where was this month ago? As soon as we saw China building extra hospitals I knew this was going to be bad. China doesn’t just build things in 3 days for no reason, e… See More If it involves Jesus and country music count me in mug

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he said it himself — he’s only giving pandemic briefings because of the tv ratings. The incongruity of the narcissist is blatant: as long as people are watching him, he doesn’t really care why. A monster dancing in the spotlight.. Wheelchair bound Madison Cawthorne stands up for the flag and you mock him. You and BurnLootMurder can STAY on your knees forever. The ones holding you all back are in the mirror.. You are not a journalist. You are a socialist clown with an agenda. Maybe you should apply at Pravda.. Love the title of this story, and it’s biased message right from the beginning. At least I knew it wasn’t worth reading right from the start.. Yamiche, you are a true example of no respect for those who served our country, are serving and those who care about what will become of America. Why don’t you try Venezuela and see how you like that country,.?

that is why…I say the man need two masks…he has two faces….then again…..who at this point….takes him serious….. Wow, dishonor a paraplegic for standing in salute of his country. You will probably have this deleted cause all I see in your posts are left wing socialists. You are not a journalist, you are nothing more but a Marxist who poses as a reporter, counterf… See More. There is one word that best describes you; “Liar”. You are not a someone that can tell the truth and you lie in such a pompous way. The minute I see your mouth move, I know what you are going to say is a liberal lie.. Your narrative is tired. Maybe after November you can cover something more positive, like cleanup efforts in cities where you comrades’ coup attempts failed.. Shame on you! The remarks you made against Madison Cawthorne show us 100% just how much you are NOT for freedom and standing together. YOU are a fraud and have shown the entire country your lack of patriotism and love of this country.

Journalist you’re not…..
Attacking paraplegics seems to be more your thing.. trump’s inauguration crowd pales in comparison. from where i sit it is quite clear that many elements of the u.s. have declared open warfare on Black and brown persons. let me say that in canada we have a thorough, deep disgust for such actions. you all are unfortunately in a very precarious situat… See More. Damn this post sure struck a nerve with a lot of right wing nut jobs now didn’t it?. Keep telling the story. Justice for all, equally.. Keep fighting the good fight Yamiche. Listening to you gives me hope. And we can all use a good dose of that right about now.. Jacob Blake was a criminal!. Saw it on the NewsHour, very, very good. You jealous a paraplegic has an easier time standing up than you?. Yamiche alcindor have you had your thyroid checked? Your neck does not look right.

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