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Really appreciate Mr Gates dont forget special education teachers they are going through rough times moresothat disability in African countries is not yet at pur.. Bill Gates for president 2024! US and the world is in need of a wise leader with a humanitarian “service above self” values and a national and international strategy and relationship!. Seriously? With this government keeping small business closed while big businesses, such as yours, allowed to remain open? Dig in your own pockets and all your billionaire friends to donate. And, when did you get a medical degree to be involved with bi… See More. It is rare that someone who says the world is overpopulated, wants to save it with a “vaccine”. Thank you so much Bill and Melinda Gates! Because of you I found a worthy cause, made a small donation, shared on my FB page and now they’re fully funded.. I request all of you friends that I need a lot of prayers for my father and for my Job. my father has Cancer in his liver He is undergoing treatment. The doctors have told us that they will have an operation as soon as possible But we don’t have enoug… See More I meet you I liked you I love you I’m keeping you mug

I meet you I liked you I love you I’m keeping you mug

I meet you I liked you I love you I'm keeping you mug 1

How are you helping with the end of life of these batteries, as to not be a worse burden on society?. yes and no. Ain’t gonna buy a new car until an affordable battery SUV is available, so the polluting internal combustion engine can go same route as ox wagon.. Sure! A timely investment and a vaccine to the ailing globe. Global warming and climate change antidote. Good luck sir!. Bill you just a man that Made to live forever so that world can continue to have a good quality products. Thank. Men, I love my electric car. One of my best decission to make that change from fossil fuel to electrical power. A lot of push for solar here but he strongly believes in nuclear power. I concur although renewable sources are preferable, nuclear would be the quickest way to rid ourselves of petroleum. We surely have the ability to make safe reactors. (Actually he … See More I meet you I liked you I love you I’m keeping you mug

I meet you I liked you I love you I’m keeping you mug

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Also time taken, availability of charging points and cost for completing a full charging cycle…. I already own an electric car – Chev. Will buy another electric car in about 3 years. Love it!. Dear bill gates, please also focus how electricity needed to recharge is generated. In Germany for example many coal-based power plants, in France nuclear. We can make batteries greener but if everyone turns to electric cars the power plants cannot kee… See More. A wide range of technologies is now available to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These include improved efficiency, storing carbon and a variety of renewable energy solutions. These technologies have already been implemented at industrial scale. Clima… See More. I immediately switched it to my subject of interest as the human car needs of such battery for every clutches and fleches as to build in the thought.. Good man Bill stick to technology and stop trying to be the big cheese in medicine

Sir I have 2 kids and live on a little island call Trinidad and Tobago. Any help would be greatly appreciated since our country is a crisis atm. Bill we need to stay home. You might think it’s ok to go to school but dont u see the risk of taking it child to school. They might get infected and will spread it to other people. U understand. Are you willing to create multilingual subtitles for the’Project Tuva’? If not, politely ask for subtitles in foreign languages.. Healthcare and education!. Thank you, Bill. Ignore the naysayers. They offer nothing of value to the conversation.. Thank you for your contributions, Bill Gates.. Uncle Bill Gates truly an awesome share lot of love . Support teachers good idea certainly, but in real life somewhere it will work, in some others place’s accross the globe will not work at all!! That is the main problem. If locals authority paid very little money-how to solve this problems?!

Get out of here you devilish against God plan. Fumie Suzuki. The head of COVID producer. Dear Mr. Gates,. Astute enterprenur and philanthropic. The greatest man in the world. The world is grateful to you and your foundation.. Just a reminder: you and your plandemic can’t even bring a single coin in your grave.. Really appreciated that Bill, great!!. I am your choice over and over again. Finally it’s a mutual affair in the love department for Siyanda lol. Tell my coffee and melinda I said hi.. Good afternoon, how can I send a personal message to Bill and Melinda Gates?. For the comment section. Bill Gate , he is not the right person to decided when the Teachers and the Student , they have to comeback to school , I believe that decision concern to the Doctors and the Parents not to a rich man ?. Awesome work idea I am know who owns LED right but can you make an LED plastic plates and to go together with a theme of computers you can make an LED keyboard and pencils a min pins for your phone giving people he’s so still

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