I know i play guitar like an old man poster


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congratulations on your first show king!. Might wanna consider having a tour in Manila. I really want to meet you. . Its happening right now. Can’t wait to see you . CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU TI COME TO MEXICO!!!!. Am going to have to listen to this . Starting other big part is your life. Cant wait to see you!! . YOU SMASHED IT KING. T o m l i n s o n. undefined. undefined. undefined. undefined. I’m so excited . :((. We’re so proud of you . I am so proud of you I like your music and you. Can’t wait to see you in Berlin!!!. I LOVE YOU LOUIS. Harry,Zayn,Liam and Niall..miss u …. Soo excited to see you in st louis!! Very proud of you tommo I knew you would make it one day. Your mum and fizzy are looking down at you with smiles on their faces I know i play guitar like an old man poster

I know i play guitar like an old man poster

I know i play guitar like an old man poster 3

It was lovely to meet you and talk about your song you filmed in Southend on sea xx I know i play guitar like an old man poster 0:00 / 0:10. I love your music. Love you you’re awesome louis. Good luck with the tour. Xxx. Congrats I’ve listened to few tracks they’re TRULY amazing songs well done louis! X. Love you so much Louis so amazingly talented love your album. Hey Louis,. I am proud of you my little sun you are the best and good luck on your tour . I just sent mine in! This is a great idea! I really hope I get to see you in Boston! . Hi Louis My favourite memories is your Album Walls and I hope you have a wonderful time on your world tour and I hope you have a very wonderful show tonight in Barcelona. ️. Hello, Louis, I hope all is well! My official message for your wall has been sent for moderation. I think this is a special way to get your fans more involved with your album, and I hope you enjoy reading our comments. My daughter and I hope to see yo… See More

I know i play guitar like an old man poster

I know i play guitar like an old man poster 2

Love you Louis your voice inspires me so much it is so good I wish I had your voice love all of your songs have fun on tour wish I can meet you and my favorite memorie is wen I first heard walls it is a really is a good song.. My favorite memories generally involve you and Liam Payne lol however what i remember and always will is you are amazing song writer which started back in the 1d era and how you have such a beautiful unique voice. You also are just so darn funny. I lov… See More. Such a good idea to connect with the fans like this. Everything about you is my favorite memory, from the first time I saw you on the dairy videos back in 2010 to seeing you on your first show of your world tour . Omg when you realised that you were #1 in more than 30 countries!
See you at CDMX
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my favorite part is when One Direction appears. I’m crying, I miss you sunshine, but everything will get better soon and this ia gonna be the best tour and era. We are proud of you.. The part where there are four shadows standing at the back and you joined them. Thanks for including that :>> I also love the part that you are sitting at the chair attached to the wall. It just means a lot to me. I’ve also built up a wall on me that o… See More. Your voice! The scene when you go up on the stage to join the “others” to finally stand tall. So proud of you! Always stand tall sun ♡. Congrattsss for an amazing album, you’re so talented. Now it is one of my favorite videos. It’s art . I lyk the beautiful smiles u gave when surrounded by the masked ppl and the emotion and facial expressions u have in the chair scenes.

Honestly I can’t choose just one but if I absolutely had to it will for sure towards then end when you were singing during the sun setting but the whole video is my favorite absolutely loved it . Every scene in the walls music video are all amazing it stands out.. quite can’t believe i would love this music so much. My favourite scene was when the people with the masks stand around you… I can’t explain it but I found it very simbolic.. I absolutely loved all your video, from start to finish, excellent work Louis. I love you. damn this is insane! love you and my favorite part is probably the one u join the boys! have a nice day love.. Where Louis Tomlinson is surrounded by mask people and he was making cute smile, sunset one with his beautiful voice and the scene which give one direction vibes and Zayn fades away it’s the most sadest part and yaa last and least when he was in suit w… See More

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