I just got a little gunpowder and kerosene mug


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Thank you for everything you do. From Denver. Kung flu? Kind of clever, that!. We need to try and get Yamiche a boyfriend.. stopped him. Bullying is not ok.You are a strong sturdy incredibly intelligent woman, and I appreciate you!!! Thank you for all that you do and how you do it!!. Keeping on keeping on. You are the best. Thank you for all your reporting and keeping us informed. . You’re a . I am a great fan of yours,you keep your cool and that pleasant look on your face when 45 is trying to cut you down. He does not know when the going gets tough the tough gets going. Keep up the good work. We have your back in Nv.. Admire your courage under fire,Yamiche. So refreshing to have someone ask Trump to be honest for once. He has all his “paid fans” standing around him in the Oval Room genuflecting, “thank you for your leadership…….” I hope they give you the Pulit… See More I just got a little gunpowder and kerosene mug

I just got a little gunpowder and kerosene mug

I just got a little gunpowder and kerosene mug- pic 1

When you cover Trump and you air his speeches full of lies, PLEASE, PLEASE call out each and every lie, or you are essentially being USED to spread propaganda. You’ll end up getting him elected, and you know how he feels about the Press.. Please be kind to our wonderful President Trump. He is a wonderful man and best president we have had in many years.. You’re such an amazing go getter reporter!! I honestly haven’t followed a news reporter in over 20 years but there’s something about you…you just have “it”!! May you be safe, always reach your dreams and never stop asking the hard questions. I love y… See More. Yamiche very intelligent reporter journalist The clown cannot stand her because she stands her ground with the clown . Great reporting today, Yamiche! You rocked it! . thank you for your work, Ms. Alcindor.. we live in a sad world. too much anger and conflict. not sure your helping much. I just got a little gunpowder and kerosene mug

Do you want it? I just got a little gunpowder and kerosene mug. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.

Close the borders. Stop immigration. WALL. Add electricity and forget it.. Yamiche I salute you 100% for your questions to trump.. You are a pathetic excuse for a reporter – yesterday I heard dumbest question ever — seriously WH press core should remove you !!!
Play GIF. I absolutely LOVED watching you being put in your place. We need more of that. I actually watched it several times. Made my day!. You do a very good job, considering the crap you have to put up with. I’ve been a fan since the campaign days of ’15.. You’re a hero Yamiche! Keep speaking truth to power and staying unflappable.. Keep up the great work Ms. Alcindor. Thank you.. You’re the new April Ryan….”stop shaking’ your head” … Much love to you!. Covering Trump is a “team sport.: Glad you are taking your role seriously during this life and death struggle that our world is facing. Is the sport called “Gotcha”?

So glad you are such a strong woman.. Since when is being told “BE NICE” an attack against someone; extremely frivolous!. Haha! Sad I missed the indigo Girls!. Her and Jim Acosta no doubt must be sleeping with each other! . So proud of you and the fact you stood in the pocket while the mad king attacked you… You got thick skin Sis… great work. Why do you have the communist Bernie Sanders on your page ?. I didn’t understand any of that…. I like your work but you should go easy on our tissue-skinned president.. You do a good job. Sorry to see Trump be such an ass in responding to your proper questions.. Thank you for your reporting and not backing down when you ask the tough questions!. my much needed laugh. You Rock! . Yamiche you are so negative,. Far from a real journalist, more like a sensationalist. Congratulations on joining the direction of the morning Joe team in dividing and bringing so much negative news to our lives., thanks for bringing us down NOTE:

Thanks so much for your faithful, good reporting. It is much appreciated.. Kudos on your professionalism and spot on reporting. Reading ones quotes back to them, is a standard reporting move. Tough fair questions should be asked, as you are doing. Keep up the good work. Thank you, Ms. Alcindor, for speaking truth to power, holding our elected leaders responsible, and being fearless in your work.. What you do adds so much to my life. I really appreciate your hard work and your warrior heart during press briefings. I’m sorry 45 is such a horrible bully. Keep your shields up and keep speaking the truth, I really appreciate you. Cyber greetings fro… See More. Stop harassing the President; your questions are always out of line. What do you hope to accomplish by this behavior, certainly not being an honest journalist. Yamiche, shame on you!. Thank you so much for your excellent reporting.

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