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Keep up your excellent work, Yamiche. We depend on you for the truth about what’s happening. You’re the epitome of professional.. Good to know the the bill will be veto proof no matter what the current president says. Wonderful. Thank you for your excellent reporting.. trump’s usual word salad that still winds up being word salad even when it is read from a page. He is incapable of cognitive recital.. Yamiche, thank you. I wish that when reporters note that Fauci changed his mind on masks that they would indicate: 1) He said masks weren’t needed over FOUR MONTHS ago, not recently as DJT said, and 2) Fauci gave a caveat that tho masks weren’t needed … See More. Yamiche Alcindor is a fighter. A dedicated committed competent journalist who speaks up and is not easily intimidated. She stands up to the bully. #Headnotbowed #BlackandProud. He was so insincere in the reading of that message, sounds really depressed as he should be for what he is doing to our country!! Hyvaa joulua finland flag poster

Hyvaa joulua finland flag poster

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Yamiche is such a LIAR! Cutting off social media posts (twitter) in order to distort the truth to sway public opinion in a negative aspect towards President Trump… up your “Yammy”!. You are part of a hate group called the media. You are one of the reasons PBS should not be funded by the Gov.. Yamiche, you are not an objective, credible, professional journalist. You are a polemic, an advocate. Your job is not to tell us what you think it is to give us the facts. You are obsessed with cultural Marxism, identity politics, and peddling white … See More. I would have no idea who Yamiche Alcindor was but I just heard her criticism of Matthew, a young paralyzed man running for Congress. You are despicable and the world is now awake to the nastiness of those who pretend they care about social justice. As … See More Hyvaa joulua finland flag poster

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I have so much respect for you, Yamiche. And admiration for how you do your job so very well in an often hostile arena. Thank you. . Thank you for your professionalism and dedication. Yamiche, you’re amazing. I feel confident that I can tune into the News Hour and you will give me the best available info on today’s issues. I trust your judgment on what issues to pursue and report because you are informed by your intellectual and e… See More. When Yamiche is much older and looks back she will be more proud of her good works than having been “privileged” to be at the White House. Afterall the slaves and blacks that toiled there probably just remember a white building and green grass that the… See More. Yamiche you are the very best!!! When you come on the news, I focus my attention, because I know it will be an important story!!!! Thank you for what you do!!!

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We always look forward to your reporting and insights. You are a true professional! You have integrity and we’ve seen you keep the pressure on yet keep your cool in some very tough moments. Thank you for all you do!!!. Yamiche, you are admired greatly in our household and my Sorors and I often say, “and did you see Yamiche Alcindor’s reporting?… She’s so great.”. I have loved watching you take on trump for 4 years. You are so smart and hold him accountable without fear of his awful and disrespectful mouth. I look forward to watching your coverage of the new administration!. She is one of the reasons I watch PBS news every day. She shows courage dealing with Trump unlike Republican members of Congress.. You are fabulous. I have found you to be a sterling example of journalistic professionalism. So glad you are recognized, and that you can use your platform to instruct and educate.

I love her! Yes she’s great, passionate, intelligent and a woman focused! She could be the press secretary! Hands down!. We watch you regularly on PBS NewsHour and enjoy your reporting! You have managed to cover the White House with such respect and dignity, when you were not shown the same in return, even under direct personal attack. You are the consummate professional… See More. Always look forward to seeing and hearing you, Yamiche! Thank you for your journalism excellence, speaking truth to power, steely personal courage, and strength! . I love your journalism. Very informative! Was listening to you today on MSNBC and thought I’d love to thank you for your good work and then… here’s a chance! Thank you Yamiche!. Thank you for being so true to your obvious calling. We need more of you in there. . WeLL lean in to this: we love you! You are an excellent journalist! Your passion for social justice and your emotion is sensed but never overwhelming! You are a PRO.

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