Hot rod what a ride poster


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Thank you so much for your sacrifice! I’m looking forward to the movie!!. I cannot wait for this movie! 3 of my top favorite actors, it’s gonna be amazing I’m sure! . Can’t wait to see it and all your other movies coming out! My girl crush for sure! No it’s not from wonder woman…I loved you as Gizelle!. I cannot wait for this! You, the Rock and Ryan Reynolds…how can this not be amazing!!. It was a pleasure to be able to work on this show. Six weeks without a day off is hard, but that’s what we do for our craft. Union strong!. Can’t wait to see it! It’ll be on Netflix, so we can watch it safely at home!. Can’t wait to see it. Is it on Netflix or show in tv. Brigitte Laffont Hot rod what a ride poster Thank you for these photos of the shoot. What a pleasure for you, I am sure, to return home after this very special shoot.

Hot rod what a ride poster

Hot rod what a ride poster 3

Well done everyone, I look for to the movie, I know you worked hard, however there are a lot of people in the world that work and do more important jobs to keep us going. . I hear background soft music during reading ur post.. This is incredible. I didn’t realize the sacrifices made. I hope that everyone who made an incredible sacrifice, no matter what it was, gets something good in return. Thank you!. Evelyn Montoya Montalvo. That message sums up how life can still be rewarding. A little sacrifice for the enjoyment of others. Well done all x. Kuthozo Tunyi. I’m sure the crew appreciated the work! Thanks for getting them back to work Gale!. Thank you for sharing these photos, giving us a look “behind the curtain”. It is amazing to see what can still get done under these adverse conditions when everyone works together to overcome them. Hot rod what a ride poster

Hot rod what a ride poster

Hot rod what a ride poster 2

So excited! Can’t wait to see you on screen again! Much love and light to you from SD! . Thanks for all your sacrifice guys. I can’t wait to see this movie too!. Even with the mask you’re awesome! Keep up the good work! . awesome Congrats Gal to you and the rest of the crew for soldiering on and getting it done – look forward to watching the finished product.. Can’t wait see it! 3 amazing talents. I worked on this film in North Georgia… I can’t wait!. Looking forward to seeing the guys are the best. Richard M. Taylor. Looking forward to this movie… . a movie with Wayne and Ryan..I don’t care what it is..I’m seeing it. woohoo. Can’t wait to see it! You are amazing. I remember briefly meeting you in the elevator at the Salamander as you took a break from filming 1984 in July a few years ago. After my daughter and I shared with you how much we loved WW, you were so excited to … See More

Hot rod what a ride poster 1

This is exciting news and well done for all you are experiencing due to our current environment. Remember you are not alone and greatly appreciate your sacrifices. Be human and realize people are facing much more than you will ever touch. Love that you are all wearing your masks..stay safe. Hey Gal, where does Wonder Woman get her makeup from? Answer: Amazon. Most gorgeous woman in the world right now. And a super talented Actress too.. The scene I fell in love with you, was when you were in wonder woman, and you tried ice cream for the first time as that character and you went “YOU SHOULD BE VERY PROUD” . About 5 cows made the ultimate sacrifice to provide enough leather for a jacket for the Rock!. Netflix, nahh , no way, they should be shut down for promoting child pornography with that sickening movie cuties. Shakya Shafraz Zacky

Thank you for ur sacrifice now hopefully the big movie producers will stop hoarding movies and release them to theatres before the movie theatre industry dies. They have been able to limp along thus far, but the time is fast approaching when they won’… See More. Thanks to you, your castmates and the crew for making the sacrifice and effort so that we can be entertained.. Too bad not many will be able to see on Netflix with no new stimulus, people out of work and can’t afford Netflix much less their rent, medical bills, food etc.. Corona is not worse than flu….n95 mask says on box, it can’t protect people from virus….its all made up to control people…..just go on with life as usual… And put some Hydroxychloroquine on the crafty table. Benjamin Harlow. Can’t wait for the movie to come out! So happy everyone took the necessary precautions to stay safe.

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