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Hurry up! And remembering that I was your fan!. Their speeches were overwhelming – I felt so proud today and a sense of relief – we have a long journey but one we can all do together. Sooo happy for you Mr. President Biden!!! You made history as well as Kamala Harris!!! (From a Puerto Rican that admire you both). Congratulations from Australia. Wha a sigh of relief for the world. I hope your term can achieve good for all US citizens. Healthcare is so important. We have a great system here in Australia. I hope this improves for your citizens.. You are a true inspiration for us Puerto Rican’s.. thank you Ricky for representing us and supporting Biden in His campaign. WE DID IT!! Justice has been made !!. Congradulations to you Mr Joe Biden, I am saboring your great victory and am confidence that you will make America great again. I wished I could have had the opportunity to have cast a vote in your favor but I can’t because the US. Citizens of Puerto R… See More Hot rod To my son dad poster

Hot rod To my son dad poster

Hot rod To my son dad poster 1

Just glad! Congratulations from Germany!. Ricky you have to do something about the Cubans in Florida talk to the Estefans. how many millions I pay you to support him knowing that he is corrupt, do not be hypocritical and respect the democracy and transparency of the American people, everything is an interest.. We can all breathe easy now . Cal Po Hot rod To my son dad poster Thank you Ricky for your support during this incredible élection with a very strange Président. Thank you for bringing joy back to the world! Thank you Ricky!. Ricky Martin why are you not in Puerto Rico speaking on PNP who are being arrested by the FBI currently that you endorsed. Now I can say God bless America as Salvadoran American that I am we have the best president in el Salvador and we will have a better president in USA gracias dios. No one of any Latin blood should support a man who could care less of any you but to put kids in cages and a wall against immigrants…RICKY ISNT ABOUT CRUELTY regardless of party…HEALING AND ACCOUNTABILITY IS NEEDED NOW #HEALAMERICA

Hot rod To my son dad poster

Hot rod To my son dad poster 2

The official nomination of the US president must take place before the proclamation by the governors of the winning states, with the consequent admission of defeat by the outgoing president with the official presentation of the presidential house, the … See More. Be going to a funral before his term ends nice job U.S.A great. To the FAKE Ricky Martin fans, Rick has backed Biden & Kamala from the beginning. If this is news to you it means you’ve never been a REAL Ricky Martin fan. On another note Ricky can back and endorse which ever candidate he believes in. That’s what mak… See More. It’s a sad day when the people of the United States have to have the meada and the Dems on the left to think for them and tell the weak minded people what to do so you guys keep your eyes closed and when you open them it will be to late because this ne… See More

Pinky Behera
We are ready too Ricky
Have a musical time
keep singing
keep us enthralling . Belinda Carbajal
Buenos Dias!! Can’t wait to see you on #LATINGRAMMY2020 , have a great day and stay safe! . I have always had the dream of meeting you in person, you are a great human being and I admire the messages you transmit with your music. They touch my heart. Greetings from Spain, my dear Ricky Martín.. Besafe Good Luck!!!!!!. Good luck my love beautiful you don’t need good luck. Shine with always. Relax.Oooom. Nothing the nervous.Always with you . Adrenalinaaa pre show great. OOOMMM. God bless you and protect always my love beautiful. Be safe pleasee. I hope to see you even once in my life. I love your kind personality and your big heart. You deserve all the awards in the world. You are a human being with every meaning of the word ,, I love you from Iraqi Kurdistan

I was at my hairdresser in Montreal and everyone applauded when we heard the news.
Congratulations President Biden and Vice-president Harris !. In Denmark we were also so happy when we heard the news later this evening! Congratulations to President Biden and the Vicepresident Harris and the whole . Thank you for YOUR support of integrity, grace and unifying spirit Ricky!!! . In Australia we were also excited and happy with this news, congrats to President Biden and his team.. I’m not American and I don’t live there, actually on the other side of the pond England but I’m so finally happy to see what in America is been claimed for century but wasn’t never actually the true
Democracy. Viry Medina. Thanks the lord! No more lies, attacks, tantrum, derogatory comments towards anyone, vitriol and unfounded conspiracy theories. Hallelujah! Common sense and basic decency are back. Everyone will be treated with respected and dignity.

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