What an awesome photo!. Oh I love this!! Show your precious children what freedom and the greatness of America looks like!! How blessed we all are to have President Trump!! Keep showing your children their Grandpa in action!! He is the greatest ever!! #MAGA2020. It was great to have you all! Come to Pittsburgh anytime!. That is so sweet! Sorry there are so many haters out there. It takes a strong family to put up with what you have. Thank you. Love you all.. These pics just melt my heart! It shows how human and family oriented he is. He’s not a monster like some people paint him. Four more years!!. What an amazing experience for them – so glad they got to feel the excitement and love we have for their grandfather . Saw the amazing photos of the children hugging their Grandfather. Im sure they miss him. We do appreciate your family’s sacrifice for your Father to serve our country. Hot rod 3d christmas sweater

Hot rod 3d christmas sweater

Hot rod 3d christmas sweater- pic 1

Where can we buy American made?? I was shopping Hot rod 3d christmas sweater yesterday and look for American Apparel did not see anything!! All are made In China . The people’s president? No. He’s the president of the incorrigible base.. Notice how many of these comments are from people in other countries. Wonder how much they’re getting paid?. The Military should oversee our election polls, our mail in ballots, watching over America so we dont have any distress with Trump loosing. President trump will be remember as the best president in our history for all he has done for the American people. Ivanca you are so eloquent and elegant. Greatly admire your whole family. Such a blessing.. Buy America has been part of the Federal Acquisition Regulations since 1986. Where are all your products made and why didn’t they have tariffs on them?. And now Biden is jumping in saying it but when he was VP and sent millions out of the US to overseas countries

Hot rod 3d christmas sweater

Hot rod 3d christmas sweater- pic 2

Thank you for coming to Pittsburgh! I’m pretty proud of my hometown and your father has support here.. Thanks for coming to Pittsburgh Ivanka! Your family is adorable.. What a wonderful moment for a wonderful family, Thank you for what Jared and you have done for our country.. Pure innocence of children! Choose whether or not to go to school. So sweet!. Thank you for sharing your family pictures. They look like they did enjoy their trip to see Grandpa in action on the run.. How amazing for them to see their grandfather speak, and hear the crowds cheer for him!. We were honored to have you there! I hope you heard us chant 46 when you walked on the stage!. I think one thing I love most about the first family is that they value Family. Family looks different in ever home and they are working so hard to protect that. #trump2020 Please keep fighting for all of us!!

Thats how you get people involved in social programs by rewarding their participation.!God bless you all!. Symeon Onipede
Always wonderful to know that the Trump administration remains firmly on the side of jobs and 8wealth creating efforts of the private sector.. Our new president of the future. You are just like your Dad. How can one man have so many great kids that could easily be our next president. The Trump family is amazing. Donald Trump Jr. also has my vote.. James Michael Walker. Thank you so much for seeing this agenda through . We appreciate you and your Dad.. Far as I know your father’s got one issue and one issue only that works for him, Illegal Immigration. Even Democrats want something done about this even if they don’t admit it. He should stick to that issue and get away from the virus thing. Why… . Ivanka, today someone stole my fathers Trump sign in front of his house. It’s sad to see this.

So glad they could be there to support their grandfather! Yes he is human and he loves his family just like we love ours!. I love when he is just being a Grandpa!. I saw that hug happen live and it was the sweetest thing. Children are a blessing to the world. Beautiful family! Hope you enjoyed Pittsburgh!! . We saw them run up to his Grandpa as soon as he was done. So sweet!!! . How I envy this beautiful child because her grandfather is this great hero. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful family stories. Also, thank you for always keeping it classy! I get so disheartened while reading all of the nasty commentary all over facebook, so I really enjoy reading posts on your page.. Love seeing your children participate. They are seeing the best in this country. Amazing and so sweet! Such beautiful pictures! You should be very proud of your dad, hes an amazing man.

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