Meeting Keanu Reeves would change mine too That’s called co-dependent, and it’s NOT good.. . More like eminem rap slapped some sense into him.. Shannon Stacey. She is only with him so she can get the publicity that she thinks she deserves, not !!. Halsey is a better fit.. Doesnt he have a kid? I’m sorry but THAT should have been what saved you”. Doesn’t sound toxic at all. . You should watch Jennifer’s body . Nothing like being the rebound guy. As long as they’re happy and both taking care of themselves and their kiddos…enjoy! . But he has a daughter…. Man he really is coked out huh? . More like fell in lust.. Shannon Stacey. It’s just lust. It’ll fool you like that.. I bet alot of men would say that about Megan lol. Shannon Stacey. Sounds like the beginning of a very codependent relationship, run Meghan!!!!. goodluck raising three stepchildren Horse Racing be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Horse Racing be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Horse Racing be strong be brave be humble be badass poster- A4

Well he might be able to watch movies but I won’t be impressed unless he can he pronounce his own name. He’s a couple months old, it’s not like he’s going to be up all night with nightmares from it . That’s just called, “I’m at home with a baby so I’m going to watch whatever I want on TV.”. Five months old and into .. radical art?. I mean his dad is literally the smartest guy on the planet who could figure out equations at 8 years old that most people can’t even comprehend, so idk . Aww my daughter was into radical performance art at that age, like eating my grocery list and screaming at inopportune times. She also defecated in the bathtub, twice. . These new parents are wild Horse Racing be strong be brave be humble be badass poster Play GIF. Our youth doesnt stand a chance with learning about respecting your body and holding it to a high standard!!!! HES FIVE MONTHS OLD FOR PETES SAKE!!!!! You tell a kid from 2-6 anything and I mean anything they will grow up to belive just that! No matte…

Horse Racing be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Horse Racing be strong be brave be humble be badass poster- A2

It’s not good to get involved with such a handsome beast, like Brad.too many girl want him and she’ll never be happy as long as Angelina is the Mother of his kids. I don’t want to see her getting hurt again. I know you loved him, but let it go. . I rememer when Oprah long time ago ask Brad to discribed Jennifer in one word he say Sunshine” ,Both are very lovely people,wish the very best! xoxo. In the Hollyweird dictionary, the words commitment and perseverance do not exist. Brad Pitt could not even keep his family together. They divorce and marry and marry and divorce – no biggie. This is not the life that I would choose for my children and … . They should just hook up and have a baby. It would be the most beautiful kid!!. I named our daughter Aniston! (10 years ago) Hopefully she doesnt disappoint us. She can do better than Brad!

Horse Racing be strong be brave be humble be badass poster- A1

My babies slept in my room when they were small and this is supposed to be edgy?. She’s a very strange individual. I think Elon got his wish and knocked up a real Martian
Play GIF. Lol I remember when I was a kid and parents frowned upon other parents for letting their 4 year old and up watch the Simpson’s lol my parents let me watch whatever I wanted , I use to watch Jerry Springer when I was 8,9,10 . Thank god my parents weren’… . I mean did anyone get through lockdown without screen time?. Jenifer Fitch. Freaking lunatics and people actually take their opinion as anything more than complete bullshit. Ugh no wonder this country is a joke. Between Hollyweird and politics its a dumpster fire.. Mines into her feet and putting everything in her mouth but to each their own . some people should not breed..

Colleen Mck. Hes give months he doesn’t know what art is it what’s happening on tv.. Am I missing something here? I’m tired. Is it just me or do you see a request for emancipation coming in the teenage years?. Angelina Michelle. i mean he literally is just looking at any sort of stimulation that’s there but okay grimes. He just actually is, guys. You can’t say anything about it. IT JUST ACTUALLY IS!!! okkuuurrr!?! . I think it’s better to keep it real with the kiddos.. Screens are awful for babies. I don’t think it matters what’s on.. That’s cool, only thing my 5 month old was into was shitting up his back and drinking a bottle. What drugs is she on and where can I get some?. These people weird me out And elon is no prize.. Rich edgy couples shouldn’t be allowed to have children, for the sake of the children.

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