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Karin Frauendorf LewtonThat’s not for the people it’s for the Democrats so they can stay in power8 . Rafael TorresStick with music and shut up…30 . PJ Scott AcostaWe need to start a boycott against these celebrities the movie’s the music the product’s they sell and when their millions start to dry up and they live like normal people then see if they back the corrupt politicians themselves 8 . Lydia LeonWow with the chaos going on and you still support this ? Stick to dancing politics is not a good look on you smh 9 . Chace ColemanComing from someone who owns and lives in a mansion, I don’t think you have room to talk11 . Karen Kellar Lee-BeckermanI am your biggest fan but I’m disappointed that you have gone political. I think it’s going to be detrimental to your career.19 . Brian CraneFuk no! So they can steal every election again from now On…? I used to like jlo… So sad an unaware of the curruption and evil agenda.. hopefully it’s just being unaware from being so busy7  Horse Farm From Window View Poster

Horse Farm From Window View Poster

Horse Farm From Window View Poster 1

Steph PepTHIS IS THE WORST BILL YET! Are you kidding me!!! I REFUSE TO SUPPORT HR18 . Kathryn Peck BalchFirst you need to learn that we are a Constitutional Republic not a democracy. Second, your opinion means nothing to most hard working Americans and it’s quite arrogant of you to think it does.13 . Claudine BishopH.R. 1: For The People Act 2021 is not good for the American people. Let’s hope and pray that this doesn’t pass. 17 . Eric MarquezWe need to Put America First and not last, which is the intention of this misguided piece of legislation. Stop telling us how to vote 2 . Dan A Cositore JrListen stick to what your good at. Making music. Don’t screw that up with your political views. 23 . James HellerWow if you’re legally allowed to vote, with proof. Then you have always been able. Only suppressors have been yourselves. Let’s not waste senate time with things we have already.13  Horse Farm From Window View Poster

Horse Farm From Window View Poster

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