It was predictable, Germany’s love to travel ! As soon as restrictions were lifted the took vacation in Greece , Spain, Italy , Switzerland , Austria .. The surges no doubt come from all those people ranting in the streets about how it’s against their civil rights to be made to wear masks and practice distancing. This is happening in just about every country. What is it that some people don’t get abo… . Don’t be like US. Be thankful you have a smart public who listens to science. Oh this from CNN. I was hoping it was from the news.. Why isn’t her nose covered???I see soooo many people who have their noses sticking out!. Makes sense. The lockdowns and restrictions didnt work the first time so let’s do it again. Meanwhile the United States didn’t do.half of what Europe did and our daily death rates are declining. FEAR MONGERING!! Hope you like cat Black cat doormat

Hope you like cat Black cat doormat

Hope you like cat Black cat doormat- pic 1

Insanity is doing the exact same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome. Lock downs do not work, even the WHO had to admit they are far more damaging then covid. Germans are protesting this, not that CNN will report that fact.. Do you call this journalism? None of this is based on fact.. Lets say we decided to achieve herd immunity how long would it take if we worked at it with intent, what would it cost?. This is not good. We’re in the same place.. Do your job and investigate and report about Biden meeting and Hunter.. So are they going to blame Trump for this also?. I am sure they are not wearing a mask! Wear a mask if you want to reduce the virus !!!. How the Germans welcome the new restrictions to protect the elderlyunlike here many screaming invasion to their liberty…smh Hope you like cat Black cat doormat

Hope you like cat Black cat doormat

Couldn’t help but notice that the woman in the beginning of the video who was being interviewed wasn’t even wearing her mask properly. Her entire nose was exposed. Not good. Surprised he didn’t ask her to cover up before he interviewed her. Just saying… . Nah, Germany has better medical facilities than that. I am originally from Germany. This population control virus is spreading out of control and the government is letting take its toll til the count meets their satisfaction. But they’re so progressive and woke. Im here in Hamburg, Germany. I don’t see one using mask. What . No need of lockdowns as they are proven to be of no value in saving lives. Because germany is a country where people have disciplines. We are so lucky to be in NZ. Thinking of you all x. First she doesn’t have her mask on correctly so you’re afraid that you might have it

Why doesn’t FOX report on the case that wasn’t! UNMASKING. Riden Biden.BLUE all the way. My daughter and her husband live in Bonn, and she is pregnant. She has to be very careful!. In Berlin, hah? I still have lots of friends there. I shall find out if this video is fake news. Trumpsters and Trumpanzees turn out the lights the party’s over. lol . Flood. and. rainy. period is a signed. that. virus was simoultenously Down slowly slowly,, and 2 weeks ago Ive been. phsyco that these coming Chrismas evry things were back to normal,, thanks with the Lord. Some citizens could be test positive covid 19. Why can’t we use common sense like that here in America; as numbers rise tighten restrictions. Only place is America that doesn’t take this as a something to worsen as time goes on because trump is taking it as it will pass but his son got it

Man the Democrats have got a lot of work to do when Winning all government branches to fix so much corruption. But will be easy with no controlling vote from Republican house or Congress, Democrats are going to do what ever they want just like Trump ad… . On what planet is this ok?. The state should round up all of the fake drop boxes and charge those involved with election fraud and ballot tampering.. The State attorney general should apply for a warrant and seize all these fake ballot boxes. If the GOP has a problem with that, then they could file a motion to quash the warrant.. Since when is a cardboard boxes secure??!!?? Everyone knows that a determined 3 year old(Trump’s mentality level) can get into a cardboard box!! The Republicans have just about hit the bottom of their own swamp, but there’s always tomorrow for them to … See More

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