where is the Biden story that broke today!!!!!!!!!. Wont happen in Indiana it will go RED!. To cnn why aren’t you telling people about the truth behind the movie batteries not included. It’s a true fact about Donald Trump’s law breaking past. Why no coverage of Huge Crowds at Bidens rallies? More reporters than people huh?. and the millions of illegals that have been crossing our borders for years would have nothing to do with that, right?. I think of Texas people as down to earth and sensible. Voting for Biden and Harris should be right along with their views.. Shame on Texas if that’s the case. Hope you brought wine Flamingo doormat Pause GIF. Klobuchar is completely embarrassing herself. Lol. That would be a major shift for the entire state of Texas. Next would come legalizing marijuana statewide.. Beto is a nut job and he will never see Texas turn Blue! Dang CNN, do you actually take him serious?

Hope you brought wine Flamingo doormat

Hope you brought wine Flamingo doormat- pic 1

Texas is too smart to vote for Biden.. Trolls out in force, once more…. Biden has clear, unmistakable Altzheimers disease….yet his wife , family, crew, and liberals are manipulating this poor man into running for POTUS. How evil they are when he needs help and care!. Not article at all on Hunter Biden today lol typical CNN.. Would Texas also give Biden the senate though. Wondering if we are heading for a Biden victory but without the senate?. I’m not a Trump supporter at all but if you look at the map Donald Trump Won more states than Hillary Clinton did maybe every state should get one number and whoever wins the most states wins the presidency I won’t have to worry about California and Florida and Texas anymore and maybe some of the smaller states will get some attention that they need. Not much coverage on scotus hearing.. The national poster boy for gun consfication is suddenly is an election scholar Hope you brought wine Flamingo doormat

Hope you brought wine Flamingo doormat

Isn’t Beto the pos that said he was going to take people’s guns?. This could be the break we have been waiting for if they really are smart enough to understand our long term value.” Hunter Biden. Ill take that betlol. your delusion runs very deep!. Texas didn’t want Beto. Texas doesn’t want Biden.. REAL NEWS ALERT:. Sorry Beta O’Dork, that ship sailed when you said you’re coming for their guns!. “Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together,” states the April 17, 2015 email from Vadym Pozharskyi, according to the report. “It’s realty [sic] an honor and pleasure.”. Dallas and Austin have been blue and will stay, but the rest of Texas is red. It won’t change.. Wait until all ballots are counted. Why was Hunter Biden getting payoffs for access to his daddy? https://nypost.com/…/email-reveals-how-hunter-biden…/
Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad

Disney is a business. That’s what businesses do. She is a politician who makes money by not being in her state and criticizing the wealthy even though she got her education and made her money by lying and continues to do the same. Fraud. Tell us what you know about Hunter Biden and Ukraine? Show us some honest thorough reporting. or she could lecture Newsome to allow the park to open.. Why do they deserve these bonuses, their executives can weather this pandemic out. These bonuses should go to thier frontline workers, who make this possible.. Shes one to talk, rolling around in her $10 million net worth.. Hopefully they never received any of the economic relief funding.. I want to know how she figures Disney took care of their share holders. They stopped their dividend payment and haven’t announced a reinstatement. Over the top compensation for executives in light of low wages for hourly workers has planting firm roots in our society. The way they treat each other with such philanthropy while those under them struggle with cost of living is entitlement run amok. Yes it’s good to reward but within reason.

What else is new?. You mean the Indian , Elizabeth Warren? Oh, we can trust what she says?. Never been there and probably never will. Not a fan of Disney or their movies. Not sure what all the hype is all about though.. Well, if the democrat governor let them reopen this wouldn’t of happened. Pocahontas is a Disney movie so she knows. So Disney lays off 28000 workers and the CEO’s split $3 Billion . Sick.. All those big companies do this, I’m glad Ms Warren slammed them.. What do expect from a large corporation. They all wanted more bailout money but Nancy Pelosi would not give it to them after Trump screwing the working class out of all that money that he gave to the filthy rich.. Is Warren going to slam herself taking advantage of poor homeowners losing their homes to her?
Harsh Foreclosure Critic Elizabeth Warren Reportedly Made a Fortune…‘Flipping’ Foreclosed Homes

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