Well Joe. What did you do in those 22 years you were in office???? Well you ignored the problem and no doubt you will continue to ignore it Im sick of the do nothing Democrats. Give it up potato joe. You should be in a treatment facility! You’re nothing but a puppet for the democratic party to discard after your futile try at gaining the presidency.. Love is love, life can be hard enough no one should be persecuted for who they chose to love!. Hmmm….. I wonder if Ambassodor Stevens would believe you? Oh! He cant! You and Obama let him die!. 1. Yes, this was a horrific crime that occurred! Hocus pocus crocs crocband shoes 2. No, one deserves that kind of violence in their lives!. Are you still running for senate?. Matthew Shepard’s brutal death was the reason my BIL came out; he was in his forties and could no longer stay silent. When I see him and his husband, the best “guncles” to my daughters, I think of Matthew and wonder how many people have been touched p…

Hocus pocus crocs crocband shoes

Hocus pocus crocs crocband shoes- pic 1

I think you are the first Presidential candidate Ive ever seen or heard talking about the wrongs done to the first Americans, and what you plan to do to make it better. Thank you! Love the photo, too! What a great bunch of young people!. Looking forward to you being our president. Someone that loves God and our country. Great job Joe! Honoring America’s people and paying tribute to indigenous People’s Day!. Thank you Joe and Kamala NATIVE Americans represent the Nation its people and the Planet ♡ they also deserve to be treated equal and supported, modernized and help in becoming strong communities housing and better education, help with addictions, welln… . Love this picture with those kids. They are so proud of their heritage . Thank you Joe for working to strengthen the ties that bind us . Please also move forward with recognizing the Chinook tribe. So long overdue. Hocus pocus crocs crocband shoes

Hocus pocus crocs crocband shoes

Nice staged photo with actors. Take the sign off the door next time.. I hope this is an old picture as no one is social distancing.. Can’t wait for a really good human to lead this country again!!. Our tribal citizens are very important to our nation. Thank you for recognizing tribal nations and their rights.. We know you have people writing this for you Joe. You arent fooling anyone.. This should be a top priority. Our treatment of the people of the first nation is absolutely appalling and should have been ameliorated years ago.. We must proud that Biden was kindest senator in current senate since 47 years.. Thank you Joe, I would like for more help be given to the first Americans.. This is awesome!!! It’s been shameful that they haven’t been taken care of. Doctors Without Borders had to bone in a treat some of our Natives.

Looks like Joe is practicing what he’s preaching!. The tribes have been mistreated for years I feel they need our respect and assistance. We can’t forget our heritage tribal nations . It is about time, and I am so glad to hear the plan that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have put together for the Indian tribes and their land. Just make sure you do uphold . and you might try campaigning out in Indian country. Joe has a true heart of human.He loves everybody regardless race,color or religion. God is love and the greatest mission of Jesus Christ was to bring unity among Gods people. So vote Joe-Harris for better united states. I love how you and Kamala are in this for the people and not yourselves! You’ve got this! . Thank you for this wonderful initiative, Mr. Biden. If any community that needs true help, support, and protection, then this is Native Americans!

Whoever runs this account has an awesome sense of humor. I love this! Another smart idea from the rapid response team! . The ad is misleading and done without his permission.He does not support candidates but supports the findings of science.. Just another day with Donald. All of his “successes” are lies and misrepresentations.. Biden should not be president. He is not able to lead. He didnt know where he was today, he said he was running for senate, and couldn’t remember Mitch’s name. I feel sad for him. He should be taken out and at least have another man to take his place, because Harris has proved that she’s not capable of leading after the vice president debate.. This is great — a perfect parody of the cut & past coming out of the WH.. I listened to his speech to it’s entirety I didn’t hear what you might’ve heard how convenient for Trumps Trolls to put Biden down however he is going to win this election Trump should crawl under a rock in shame of the lives he’s responsible of doing away with

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