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So So So happy for this. I’ve been a day 1… segment 1 from maybe Morning Joe or somewhere else of Joy’s… Im pretty sure I was the 1st to look for her pages and love her . I could not be happier. This is a Sugar and Spice weekend with these two! Jonathan is the sugar, Tiffany is the spice. We all win! Love it.. Cant wait looking forward to the weekend…. So proud for Tiffany and Jonathan. Hockey Today is a good day poster Play GIF. Such a great solution! I love watching both of them.. Watched the both, great choice!. Congrats to the both of them, their both Great!. That works for me, I was for Jonathan but this is good too.. Been waiting for JC to get his own show for years now!. Reponda Greer. Fabulous!! Love them both!! I am looking forward to the show!! Play GIF. I will be watching!! Congratulations Tiffany and Jonathan!!

Hockey Today is a good day poster

Hockey Today is a good day poster 3

Making sacrifices to help protect the life of your neighbors is a virtue, though.. Le sigh That is about the dumbest thing I’ve heard. He/she needs to take their deplorable voting behind into a Covid unit then and help sick patients, since their so virtuous. GTHO with that. Hockey Today is a good day poster Play GIF. Fear is a warning that there is danger present and we need to protect ourselves. Ignoring that warning isn’t bravery its stupidity and/or arrogance.. Fear is a healthy response to a deadly threat.. Common sense IS a virtue. The common sense to take precautions against getting and/or spreading a deadly disease.. I have spent my entire life taking risks that other people wouldn’t take and I gotta tell you mostly for excitement but there’s no excitement in being irresponsible and not wearing a mask. Anyone who says this is about courage has no idea what courage … See More. “Be not overly wicked, neither be a fool. Why should you die before your time?”

Hockey Today is a good day poster

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Isn’t his goal to get in front of the u.s. Supreme Court?. Pete Green. We need humor and memes. And – Thank you, Joy Reid, for keeping a spotlight on his exit scorched earth maneuvers strategically enacted to create obstacles for the Biden-Harris administration. . I wish he wasn’t getting all this attention still. I believe that is how he won. The press was absolutely breathless with excitement reporting on him in 2016. It’s still all about him. Frustrating.. Sarai Virgili. He brought it all upon himself.. “Being President doesn’t change who you are. Being president reveals who you are,” Michelle Obama, 2012.. I love your sense of humor, Joy . sorry libs. The only cabinet that Biden will have is where he puts his cereal. You losers cannot even cheat well. All will be exposed. Cannot wait to see Reid blow a gasket. LOSERS! Even Biden’s own “Vice President-elect,” Kamala Harris, has yet t… See More

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Ketly Blaise Williams. He doesn’t care. Going golfing just put more money in his pockets. Holidays are coming up, there are so many still jobless and they need some type of help. His careless actions shows you that he’s in it for money and not for America.. Evil! He should not be given a get out of jail free card! I’m just waiting to see when he pardons himself and all his lackeys.. When someone shows you who they are, believe them; the first time, the second time and hell everytime. This leopard has NEVER CHANGED his spots.. Richard Boles Jr.
He said “it is what it is”
For those that voted for him, it will go away eventually!
Play GIF. By the way, he always cheats at golf. He has never turned in an honest score card!!. He didn’t get re-elected so he gave up helping the people oh my bad he was only in it for himself.

And people still support him! sick.. If he want to play the part of Commander in Chief then he must be charged with dereliction of duty when he is removed from the White House!!!. Can he please stop acting like an ASS and resume his Presidential responsibilities until such time as his ” Reign” is over. He is making a Public Spectacle of himself ! What a SHAME!!!. Hope these 73 million voters eventually feel shame for having supported this man…who cares nothing for them or this country. Trump has already quit this job, except for doing as much damage as possible before he finally leaves. What a disgraceful L… See More. Congratulations President Trump and coward Moscow Mitch and all the GOP cowards. You have accomplished a great gift to the citizens of the USA. 12 million + covid cases and over a quarter million deaths ! Put yourself on the back. Remember Karma is als… See More

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