Hockey Peeing On The Seat I Like Hitting On The Post On An Empty Net Poster


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I like you so much that you can’t even imagine. In addition to being beautiful on the outside, you are also beautiful on the inside. may God bless you always. (Google translation). Stay the same as you are. You are great. Don’t let ANYBODY change you. I’m mainly talking about your new wardrobe. You are looking good but too much like Drew. Go back to the flannel. It’s more your style not the new duds. This is posted on my facebook… See More. I bet you 3 were a handful! Love the brotherly love. My parents had 6 children, 4 of us were very close in age. We had a set of twins also. I know what havoc we could cause. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I just knew Drew was up to his Naughty tricks!!! Santa is going to slip a lump of coal in his stocking, for sure. Hockey Peeing On The Seat I Like Hitting On The Post Poster

Hookey Peeing On The Seat I Like Hitting On The Post On An Empty Net Poster

Hookey Peeing On The Seat I Like Hitting On The Post On An Empty Net Poster 1

All That Heaven Allows. Sunset shadows on the fireplace. Brilliant filmography.. Christmas in Connecticut with Barbara Stanwick. Looks like a normal living room. White Christmas is my vote, but in color, not black & white. Lol!. Meryl Streep’s kitchen from It’s Complicated. Not a classic, but a gorgeous kitchen!. Angela RW. Ruthless People!. Love that movie… Picture in the town of Chickasha,ok. Christmas as my house on cape cod,many years ago! Miss it terribly. Rosemary De Moura. My favorite pub/restaurant in Victoria BC. We love visiting the Christmas Story House in Cleveland! It’s a must see. . Looks lovely. I have been trying for over a month to get new floors installed. Mine were taken up over 3 weeks ago and I am sitting with dusty 27 year old chip board and still no install. I wish you guys were here.. Nice decoration. I love the interior decoration Christmas of the movie Christmas Kiss for the next feature. Hockey Peeing On The Seat I Like Hitting On The Post Poster

Hookey Peeing On The Seat I Like Hitting On The Post On An Empty Net Poster

Hookey Peeing On The Seat I Like Hitting On The Post On An Empty Net Poster 2

Tracy Forster. We had 41 inches of snow in upper N.Y. State. I do like your weather much better! LoL! It wouldn’t feel like Christmas to me if there wasn’t any snow! Merry Christmas to you all!. I’m not. I moved to SC from FL to have seasons. It feels like Christmas . Jonathan it’s the same for Arizona. It’s Fall here & we’re barely have had cold days. No snow or real cold. Not unless you go to Flagstaff. It is 36° here today in Southeast Michigan, Jonathan. Tomorrow it’s going to be 50°, back down to 38° Christmas Eve and 23° on Christmas Day. It’s supposed to begin snowing on Christmas Eve and continue thru Christmas Day. One to two inches are predic… See More. It was 73 and sunny in TX today. I used the a/c in the car as I shopped for Christmas gifts.. Hey we are in SWFL & much nicer than up north but cold coming on Saturday with high only 62°

Does it have to be Christmas? How about Harry Bosch’ living room/kitchen from the Amazon Prime series Bosch? Ultra modern, absolutely gorgeous!. I had a time finding this post again! But I did find it! . Love the leg lamp! It was my son’s favorite movie.. Sunrise Angel-Butterfly. Was just looking at my Christmas edition of #RevealMagazine! It is a beautiful issue! Love it! Not a big TV watcher or movie goer, except for all things #PropertyBrothers, of course! . White Christmas – bring back some of the beautiful designs of that era .. What about “The Golden Girls” house from the TV show! Miami….south Florida…..Mid century modern decor….I think! Could be interesting! . I’m 60 years old and have never seen this movie. I just checked it out from the Library and plan to watch it this weekend…just to see WHY it’s a classic.. My favourite Christmas movie. A lot of it filmed in Toronto.

Rosemary De Moura. Elizabeth Morán. I have 3 brothers and we are all in our 60’s and we still act this way when we get together! All do in love of course.. If I was Santa, all three of you handsome sweethearts would have a lifetime membership on the “NICE” list!!! . I am a big fan of you and Drew but I like it when JD makes special appearance on your shows. Merry Christmas. You are ALL on the nice list! Beautiful brothers. Your mother probably slept well at night! Lol.. Robin Nicoles
Drew is too! I think it’s cute how y’all play. . Yeah u Scott bro’s been taken some time out from all the work u been doing for playing pranks on each other uh. Merry Christmas from Prince Rupert BC, Love you guys!. Ah, brotherly love. I have 3 of them myself; I’m the only girl of 4. Got on each other’s nerves growing up, but we’ve more strongly bonded as we built our lives. I love them fiercely and will miss in-person meetings this holiday season!

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