Hockey It's not about being better than someone else poster and canvas


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Kudos, I always love your show, and especially the show last night. The quality and framework of your questions are amazing. Your appearance is always outstanding, Hockey It’s not about being better than someone else poster and canvas but I’m here for your journalism skills. % Play GIF. We were talking about your gold top tonight. You looked great!. Richard Boles Jr. GREAT show, keep the standards high the facts coming, & continue to bring the fight! . I’ve been noticing the outfits! I especially love the white blouse with the metal clips. Or maybe that’s embroidery?. I’ve watched you with your styles in hair, and I really like this Bob cut on you..too cute.. Love all the clothes you wear. You Look so pretty! You got style!. Mary Jo Tiso. wow goodmorning joy you look fabulously you are loved by so many keep up the good works my friend and be safe lol. Love your show! Thanks for having the courage to suggest that unlike Barack Obama, Joe Biden might be able to get along with the Senate better because he is not Black. I totally agree. Stay safe, stay strong & stay happy !

Hockey It’s not about being better than someone else poster and canvas

Hockey It's not about being better than someone else poster and canvas 1

Vote for Democratics Georgia!!! Hockey It’s not about being better than someone else poster and canvas It’s sooo important to flip the Senate. If you don’t Mitch McConnell will be able to block everything President-Elect Biden will try to do for us just like he did the 8 years President Obama was in office.… See More. Verlonda Kirchner To all my family and friends in Georgia, if you haven’t registered, checked your registration statutes, did not vote, or you know someone who hasn’t voted or, isn’t registered!!! Check your voter registration and go VOTE! Help those who are voting for … See More. PRAISE THE LORD AND VOTE IN GEORGIA!. Tell them to mail their ballots in!. Perfect. It is critical that 18 year olds born between 11/3/02 and 1/5/03 are able to vote for the runoff even though they were too young to vote on 11/3/20. I hope they know this, but we need to get in touch to have their first votes be, perhaps the… See More

Hockey It’s not about being better than someone else poster and canvas

Hockey It's not about being better than someone else poster and canvas

Imagine where this country would be without the electoral college.. Kat Willis. Those Trump crazies can run all over the country forever. It won’t change a thing. Biden/Harris is the President & VP elect. They will be sworn in on 1/20/2021. I can’t wait. I still have JOY and it can’t be taken away.. kak·i·sto·cra·cy. I had to look that word up!. Countdown to ousting America’s most despised family…. I said in 2016 this is most important election in our lifetime!!! Drumpf is Demise of the west end of civilization !!!. People have a right to stand up for what they believe. You vote for who you want !! now let this people fight for who they think is the right man up there!!. Joe Biden Is The President Of The US January 20, 2021.. And not a moment too soon…. Thank you Trump for Operation Warp Speed!!!. Hit the road Jack! Don’t you come back no more! Compliments of the late great Ray Charles.

Best dressed VP ever!!. Absolutely the best. Those two little Beauties will have no choice but to be successful young ladies. . These girls on stage made me tear up! So cute and it’s about time!!. Her nieces are so cute…. “Vice President Auntie”… Absolutely beautiful family, we love you all. Right! She has taught them all how they too can sleep their way to the top! Oh wait she isn’t the top she is second to an old white man.. Now let’s go get those two Senate seats in the January Georgia runoff!. They are having a good time . Congratulations!. undefined. Role model!. Joy. Beautiful picture. This is such a cute photo . My heart is melting———–. YESSS WE STILL HAVE WORK. WE NEED THOSE 2 SENATE SEATS IN GA EQUALLY AS IMPORTANT. PLEASE GIVE Im not from GA but I’m campaigning for them!!!

I just gave to support our Democratic candidates in the 2020 Georgia Senate runoff races!

Oh my she looks like my daughter or i should Day my daughter looks just like her. That guy you just interviewed aprox 7:30 pm Wed Nov 18 was so rude I hope to never see him again. I am so sorry you had to go through that!. Beautiful!. Portrait of a glowing young American woman bursting with potential, who understands she may look forward to a future of achievement and empoweredness.. God bless America!. undefined. IT SHOULD HAVE SAID, “A MELANIN QUEEN”..!!..(that flag is Useless). He is one of my favorites if not my favorite illustrator. No he is my favorite. Officially! Period. Isn’t she so lovely and precious!?!. Beautiful young lady. Gorgeous illustration. Now lets protect black girls: eliminate foster care and homelessness and sex for food/abject poverty.. “The Future”. girl. Just wonderful————the knowing look in her eyes—————. Race baiter pos. undefined. “assume”???. Thank you for the New Yorker cover! What a great tribute to little Black girls and girls of color everywhere. Everyone in my household knows that when it is 4pm (PT) we are watching MSNBC, Joy Reid!

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