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Sending love and support from Thailand . Hope the world can come together, set aside our petty differences to help to put out or at least minimize this fire I’m glad my country singapore offers the help . Though we are a very small country but we always try to help in a big way. Prayers goes … See More. How thankful we are that someone in your position can make such a huge contribution. You truely are an amazing family.. I’m so sad for Australia for my friends there and the nature for this beautiful country so painful to see what’s happening there… all love from New Caledonia and hope that rain is coming soon . Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park are taking all injured wildlife in for treatment. The koalas there, being disease free, have to be treated on the Island. Just another choice of fund to support everyone xx Hippie girl glasses stay wild gypsy child poster

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Good on you! Supporting Australia from California! #australianredcross. Fantastic! I’m from the UK so I do my best to donate soon as I can and my goodness you’re one of a few millionaires to able to throw in for the poor people who lost everything it was devastating. Dreadful. You’re a good person Chris and your family als… See More. Ukraine with all my heart and soul with Australia.. The firefighters and volunteers of your beautiful home are 1 million times bigger and better than any superheroe you can pretend to be. And I dont mean that as an insult. I’m sending my love from Ireland where we have many collections which have alread… See More. Another reason to love you thank you Chris my donation didn’t match yours but everything counts my sewing machine has been busy making pouches for our little furry friends we are a nation of wanting to help our friends in need and my cup runneth over a… See More Hippie girl glasses stay wild gypsy child poster

(BEST ITEM) Hippie girl glasses stay wild gypsy child poster

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Bravo Chris! I hope that many others will follow your awesome example! I will continue to donate as I am able. I’m also asking all of my friends to make donations. Continued prayers for Australia!! . Well done CHRIS! Between your generous donation and your profile and network – this will be an amazing boost to the fundraising. As always a really heartfelt and authentic message too! Xx. OMG you are such an amazing human being. Thank you to you and your family for your help in Australia!. I donated to wires wildlife rescue (not on your list) Hopefully more rain comes your way to put them out.. I’m in NZ. We are donating food and other things.
Also might make some Joey pouches and koala mittens for those poor animals.. We the people in Australia thank you as u r amazing n your family see u soon in Byron bay

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Sydney is getting one too. Merry Christmas to you and your family x. Tried surfing in Maui years ago. If I were younger, I might have been able to do it! This looks fun!. It’s a bit grey and damp here in the UK, though had there been snow we’d have been surfing down hillsides . Well, I’m here colder than molasses in January…and whiter than a ghost..rejoicing because I honored the Lord over the Christmas holidays and he did not forget me. Long story short, I will be sitting pretty for quite some time, and able to put away cl… See More. When you’re in the UK look out for ‘The Wave’ which is in Easter Compton Bristol. Watched Endgame last night loved it happy new year. Looks like fun but I am closer to Surfer’s Paradise than Melbourne.. Lol…it reminds me of that 1 time i nearly freaken died…i dont know who was more traumatized, me or the board……

Too cool Chris! Meanwhile in Anchorage, Alaska it snowed like a foot!
Google what surfing in Alaska is like! . Fishing in Busselton off the famous busso jetty for our fambam. I’m only 5 mins away shoulda come past for a cool beer or an espresso!! Lol . I’ve never surfed but it looks like so much fun!. Awesome…that’s our Aussie Christmas for you though..enjoy every minute of it… Looks like fun! Have a safe trip back – avoid the fires.. Amazing. We have one of these just built near where I live in Bristol, UK. Shame we don’t get the weather!. Sunburnt !!!!! Your an Aussie – where was your ‘bloody’ sunscreen #ChrisHemsworth ????. Looks cool but definitely someone needs to know how to surf to stand up! LOL. Should come visit us for a cuppa. Kids can have a play date. I’m dreaming lol. If you eva come to the west side .come visit exmouth and swim with the whales . Merry Christmas

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