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Yes Liam I saw it on Twitter and fell out of my bed. Love the costume Liam . Ithica Silsbury Menear RACCON YOUR BUTT NAPKINS MY LORD POSTER Love this I actually did jump . Your voice is so perfect, I think it’s perfect to collab with Zayn, Louis, Harry, And Niall.. Special Guest ~ Tom Felton??. So proud of you liam iam sooo far of you and wish i will be there for you any way love you payno. OMG that is the only clown I would be around. Can’t wait to go and hope everyone is staying safe and TPWK.. I didn’t jump, but it does look a little bit scary.. You’re clowning with us??!. Nusa Shaheen. You now…. I don’t want to be in the LP show anymore…. I’m scared as F. I can’t wait to see you on the show, I love it. Ily. Liam dressed as us, thats so sweet. More Liam Payne & Tom Felton content.. I’M HERE FOR IT


Raccon your butt napkins my lord poster 3

He is the cutest person I’ve ever seen in my life I love this dork so much. Whoaaaa daddy you are soo dedicated , thank you and love you also thank you so much for keeping 1d alive by your memorable words. I don’t know if you know how much I love u, you are the reason for what I’m still alive, of course you and the others one dead, but please make an other concert live for to see you, this time I have moneyyyy . You look like a gladiator but you look so divine that you pull rather you look like a lego doll. “I may never be a knight in shining armour”. You look so cute in that skirt omg. Great legs wolvo people have the best legs. Christian Almaquer. Liam you so funny I love it . In.this. hard time you are only the one who make one Direction alive . Thank you for putting smile in my face when I having hard time. Love you payno. RACCON YOUR BUTT NAPKINS MY LORD POSTER


Raccon your butt napkins my lord poster 2

Eva Morris
how are you so talented? this is insane
liam you’re amazing!. Why my Liam is so talented?. The word talent is too small for Liam Payne. . You are such a good artist, Liam. my baby is coming out beautiful. Remember to Trick or Treat People with Kindness . Why are you so talented, daddy direction?!. Omg Liam, is that your drawing?! I didn’t know this side of yours.. Well if you don’t know what to draw in halloween, jusy copy my face and I’m sure, they will get scared if they see it. . So I think you should design 1D’s new album.. comeback pls. If this guy’s gonna notice me, I’ll burn my my learning materials.. Is not possible that you can be so cute and beauty and don’t have defect. . casually draws amazing skull for Halloween . How much of perfection can a person have before it’s too much ? You can’t be that far…. !

Raccon your butt napkins my lord poster 1

Omg!. We love you liam &you are cute too & also funny I just love you. Love the Sparta costume Liam . you are the best Liam, never but never change, you have incredible talent I love you Bear. Liam every time he appears is able to make me smile. . Liam You are fabulous!. How cute, how I love you Liam . Fernanda Ramírez. Sandaranga Ubesekara
Who Can Guess Liam PayneS Car Its Actually Aston Martin DB11
Pause GIF. Liam, you are the best. Your biggest fan in Australia. You’re the best Liam . it reminds me song of perfect . The costume and the car are polar opposites looks hilarious. Lucy Howson. Never go away from my life . Sofia Padilla. Really, you’re soooo PER-FECT. Nice outfit Lad!. I love you so much paynooo. I LOVE YOU DADDY DIRECTION!!!. I love you so much Li . Suits quite heavy obviously

Ithica Silsbury Menear
I a . Wendy Assel. Love the photoshoot . You’re definitely perfect and it’s good to see you. my pride! i love u . love the photoshoot. Love the photoshoot . YOU ARE THE PERFECT LOVE OF MY LIFE . i love this picture, you are so cute. Love the photoshoot . Wow those photoshoot of you is amazing. We love you payano and congratulations. Looking handsome as always king . You look stoning, i can’t believe how pretty you are.. Thank you for recognizing me as a top fan liam . Liam, you are PER-FECT! . You’re art my love. Why r u so perfect? . Tania Rosales. Bring back One Direction pleaseee we miss y’all . You are a great pride and a source of inspiration for me Liam. I love you very much. Thank you for everything you do for the Fandom. Remember that you also have a Fandom who loves you, values you and is always on the slope of you. Congratulations on al… See More

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