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i am just now, “first guy eating potato chips and typing this sentence right now”. Being the ‘first’ is not the same as being the ‘most qualified’. But are they COMPETENT also? Hedgehog Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster Asking for a friend.. Definitely progress, no reason the percentage of qualified women in office shouldn’t be higher. Ignore the butthurt trumpublican trolls, they have nothing better to do than try and discourage and distract.. Beautiful thing to have happened! But . I thought Warren was the first native American…. I am THRILLED to see a government body that more closely resembles its people. I wish BOTH parties would elect women, people of color, LGBTQ+ people, people of different religions, etc. in greater numbers. Representative governments work best when th… See More. I hope they all do great things to replace their current ‘First to’ titles which look to be publicised to be more important that their own names. To me that turns them into a symbol, a statement and looses their individuality. Well done ladies for earn… See More

Hedgehog Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

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Way to go brother of mine . Event Horizon is one of my favorite movies EVER!!! Love it!!! I’ve seen it mabye 20 times . I loved Event Horizon, absolutely hated Lost. I wish I’d never wasted my time watching every episode of that series. . EVENT HORIZON is a guilty pleasure of mine, underrated…. Lost and Event horizon were amazing, well done to your hubby…. And dont listen to the Troll’s, they are about as creative as colour blind hedgehogs… in a bag.. Event Horizon one of my favorites.. I liked the photo and loved it Hedgehog Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster Tell the owner of this picture that I love him in God,. Oh I have not heard of this! Just watched the trailer looks like something up my alley! Loved Event Horizon!!. Event Horizon is my all time favorite horror movie. I still listen to the soundtrack from time to time.. I’m your biggest fan! Love you lots Milla

Hedgehog Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

Hedgehog Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

This is stupid. Who cares what gender or race they are? Are they qualified? That’s the most important. This is the beginning of communist America.. This is why a woman lost here locally. She basically said you should vote for me because I’m a woman. A huge turnoff by a majority. Imagine if a man said you should vote for me because I’m a man.. Your main concern is their sex? Not their policies, plans, or track record? Cool please don’t vote anymore…. Wondering if you know anything about their policy positions…?. So it seems as if the so called feminist movement has no merit? Looks like plenty of women get important positions even if they don’t deserve it. Looks like women have more open doors than they say they have. . I feel i owe you an apology. . But what’s ones emotion these days, if where its ever been anything else, when just there when it is.. at times. . Now unlike the other day, i think its not the opposite of it, actually … nevertheless

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So remarcable that this is happening in the US now. In my country it is very common that women are elected into our house of congres. No matter what there sexual preferences are or wich religion they have.. Great. So race, gender, religion and sexual orientation is more important then qualifications? I am glad women got elected. But they shouldn’t of won just cuz the pee sitting down. Furthermore……Look at all the labels and identifying point on everyone on there. Not people, but individual sub classes that we are labeling everyone now. This sounds pretty familiar, I’m just not used to seeing this outside a history book about WWl… See More. for a party that is supposed to be gender, religious beliefs and color blind you sure mention gender, religious beliefs and race a lot.. Lol at these non-achievements. If you need so many subcategories to describe it, it’s not a huge accomplishment. “First human in space”, “Fastest runner in the world”, these are truly something. But “First black congresswoman from [whatever state]”? Wh… See More

Based on the replies here it seems A LOT of people don’t understand how important representation is! To see someone similar to yourself in a position of power is a very uplifting thing. It’s a great stride for women, POC, LGBT people and other minoriti… See More. I’m glad they’re young and pretty and first and all that but I wish they could say they were the most qualified and the best for this job and that kind of thing. Do you folks not understand the point of pride in this? While capability of doing the job is of paramount importance, one cannot deny the overwhelming and unfavorable balance towards old, white males in all of politics since the beginning. It’s ok to r… See More. Policy doesn’t matter as long as its a woman right?. Did we forget to mention that anything the House passes must still be passed by the Senate (whim I remind you is majority REPUBLICAN) #democratscreatemobs #republicanscreatejobs

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