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Corporate America has to be held accountable and take a stand against Voter Suppression, and take a stand with Democracy.!. The governor and the Secretary of State of Georgia Know that there times is just about up President Trump kicked them up under the bus they are trying to save face with the republican party that’s why they pass this unthinkable law. White Supremacy: “Evil Don’t Change For The Better It Evolves To Do More Evil”! :{ The Wicked will pay, Babylon / America’s Under Judgement … Observe the Chaos throughout the world!!!. Showing an ID does not suppress voters. It keeps the vote fair. Cheating steals legal votes. If someone does not have an ID, why don’t you spend your time helping people get an ID? Most people HAVE an ID however so the suppression complaints are mute.. “GOP pushing #SB202 is like “a quack doctor, pointing to something that’s not happening, but saying we’ve got to have surgery in order to fix what isn’t broken.” #gapol Harness racing personalized doormat

Harness racing personalized doormat

Tam Hoai Anh Hey dude, tell us what voting suppression bills you are talking about. AND tell us what is in those bills that are suppressing the vote………321GO…………..321CRICKETS. Tam Hoai Anh So IS MLB going from a state that is just now requiring voter ID to a state that already had that, AND going from a predominantly black Atlanta (51%)to predominantly white Denver(91%) woke Joey B? ASKING FOR 100 MILLION FRIENDS.. Tam Hoai Anh Throwing up. Tam Hoai Anh So Stacey girl, DID YOU REALLY PRESSURE THE MLB COMMISSIONER TO MOVE THE ALLSTAR GAME OUT OF YOUR STATE AND INTO AN ALMOST ENTIRELY WHITE STATE??????????????????????????????LOL.. These egregious measures to suppress voting are becoming so blatant that it is a wonder that Anyone can defend them. Yet some of the commenters seem to be doing just that. Thanks for keeping this issue front and center where it belongs Stacey.. Stop Voter Suppression! This is The Republican GOP desperate attempt to maintain a weakening system of white supremacy and rewrite the constitution to their oppressive favor. It’s not going to happen. Harness racing personalized doormat

Harness racing personalized doormat

Harness racing personalized doormat 2

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