Halloween crocs crocband shoes


Are you so brain dead to know that biden was vice president for 8 fucking years. 8 years, and nothing bad happened. You are priceless.Hussein Obama and Biden almost destroyed this country from inside out…. Halloween crocs crocband shoes. President Trump is still trying to put the pieces back together with great resistance from Hussein/Biden democrats and their media friends….

Halloween crocs crocband shoes

Halloween crocs crocband shoes- pic 2

You can’t be serious.Smith…funny, but donny has flip-flopped on almost everything he has walked out. With everything he walks out and has to walk back, you’d think the rotund one would be in better shape. Obummer admin did the DNA test on (NOT) Osama bin Laden , figured out they were scammed and and extorted by Iran and then paid Iran 153 BILLION to sweep it under the rug. If that were not enough they murdered 22 Navy Seals to throw away the rug. To ADD to all of that the Military had a Cleric Curse their Souls to Hell in a “Prayer” OVER their caskets!! Funny thing is 3 Billion of that mysteriously re-entered the US and somehow ended up in the Pockets of those “in the know”. I wonder why the DNA test were “Hidden away” perhaps they went the way of Clinton Emails? Halloween crocs crocband shoes. I think you are mistaken with Trump. Trump is full of lies and hatred. Trump always changes his mind. Ex: like he said we will not get a stimulus check until after the elections then he said he is ready to sign. Biden 2020. Hello how are you doing hope you are staying safe over there, i pray God put an end to this virus that is affecting the world right now and spreading very fast i will love us to be friends if you don’t mind please can you kindly send me a friend request just wanna be friend . We have your back just as you have had ours. We stand as one and will have 4 more years with you are the Commander and chief. Thank you for all you do, We Love you!!Going to see you Friday! Can’t wait. We are working hard flag-waving in different areas of Tampa; people in their cars are excited to see us all standing by the side of the road with our Trump and American Flags waving and they honk their horns. We have got this in the bag. Laughing … we get more honks than not.well said trump will make American great again, you are actually a Woman of integrity kindly send me a friend request and I will gladly accept stay blessed hope to see your request…. God bless America ,God bless Donald Trump and God bless Mary.F.Johnson.

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