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I really wish people would review these later speeches, including what he said at Riverside Church, and truly remember and honor his legacy.. #Conservatives were terrified that Dr King was going to get the poor to stop attacking each other and question why failed Conservative Ideology was keeping them poor.. He’d be disgusted with the latest tactics from Georgia, that’s for sure.. So much work yet to do. After 4 years of push back, I am hoping we can gain traction.. The masters of money have their collective hooves on our necks. If we put aside bs issues. And United for living wages for all. Health care for all. Voting for all citizens. We’d all create a just climate for our kids and Grandkids.. We must collectively make things better faster than this and thank you for all you do to keep the heat on em!. So sad that almost 60 years later we still have to fight this fight to get equal access and treatment for all. Go Bernie Gun fuck biden shirt

Gun fuck biden shirt

Gun fuck biden shirt 1

It doesn’t matter how many times you say his name, Bernie, the tragic irony is you’re with the party who STILL have biases and prejudices based on race, which Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. STRONGLY opposed!. I loved him, miss him, and my heart was broken at 17 when he was assassinated. We must keep the dream alive.. Bernie Sanders is the real deal. Authentically living for a world that works for everyone, with no one left out.. Truly an inspirational person of the last and current century …I’m not religious but his sermons are great to watch and are on YouTube , sheds more light into who he was outside of the world famous “I have a dream” speech .. MLK was a Christian man and would not have supported the evil that is socialism.. Fed killed him and now the government invokes his name to fit their narratives. Gun fuck biden shirt

Gun fuck biden shirt

Gun fuck biden shirt 3

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