We only have one President!. He is deliberately ignorant. Ignorance can be excused if once someone realises their error and amends their attitude, deliberate ignorance is incurable.. I doubt he was really sick. I think he had a panic attack when he tested positive, and his false bravado now is indicative of this.. Its not the quality of care he got, it was the fact that he is trying to take away health care from so many. He just really, really sucks.. The selfish jerk shouldn’t have received any treatment because of his own carelessness.. He is so out of touch with everyday hard working folk. He could care less about us as Americans. Trump is a danger to us all and this country. VOTE BLUE . Morag Mitchell. Feng Gao Grinch i hate wearing this face mask He can’t even control the outbreak inside his house! & he thinks he did a great job controlling the pandemic???. With all those taxes he paid. I mean that $750. He should still be waiting to in the emergency room.

Grinch i hate wearing this face mask

Grinch i hate wearing this face mask- pic 1

I have. It is good to try to see the other view, but I don’t think it would work long term if both have strong and different views.. I’m married to one we just keep our opinions to ourselves and it works for us.. Matthew Pierson. We have totally different views. The rest of him makes up for it. It would never work out after a few dates anyway. I don’t even own a firearm and only have like 3 USA shirts.. It depends how people can discuss and ultimately agree to disagree in harmony!. Friends, maybe. Dating, hell no. Different mechanics going on there. Also it depends on what you define as “political beliefs”.. Definitely NOT! I’m glad to have the dark underbelly of my life snuffed out in my family and friends. They will not be giving fake condolences at my funeral someday, . I can be friends with people who are of different political leanings than myself. Ive never had a problem with that. I believe you can respectfully disagree on issues. Grinch i hate wearing this face mask

Grinch i hate wearing this face mask

I live in an area where COVID-19 patients are put on a waiting list for the hospital. Let that sink in.. Think of all our comments about Trump that will be gone very soon when he loses the election and we will be rid of this very sick individual that stepped into our lives. We are so lucky to be rid of him soon and return to have our lives and country bac… . Youre pissed off because trump pulled his mask off, standing outside on a balcony alone?. He never once said wow now I get it this stuff is brutal I’m gonna do everything I can to make sure anyone who gets this virus in America is safe and that their families feel secure. You had one job to do COVID-19.. We knew this was coming the second he “got sick”. I wouldn’t doubt if he was faking for pity votes

Time, clearly you have it out for him. Its sad to see.. every article you push is nothing but unwarranted hate. GTFO.. you’re shameful. What is he trying to prove? It’s so disrespectful to the families who have lost a loved one to covid. Classless, per usual. Nina Donahue. Dorothy Urszula Bartkiewicz. If the politicians and fake media would stop interfering with doctors ability to order these medications for COVID-19 patients more people would be alive today. The swamp refuse to let the death toll go down until after the election is over.. Important- cast your vote early in person so that we the people decide the election- not the courts.. Oh dear. The President of the country gets the best care available. How disgusting that is. It’s clear he should not get any care at all. Who does he think he is, the President of America or something?.. I have been doing prior auth all day long for covid patients nebulizer meds and guess what insurance is denying them. I’m still up working on it. It’s not as easy as ordering McDonalds

How can we expect him to understand that if he does not pay taxes?. I remember your saving Mexico” cover w/ former president Enrique Pena Nieto, so its hard to believe in your pasquinade magazine!. Fallen Nation 2020
Play GIF. Jerry E Ramsey
Move aside Dumpster on fire
coming through!
Play GIF. No politician should have better medical care than the people they represent.. Bud Morrison. It would have been given to any Senator, High Ranking Military Officer. Congress and The Senate keep their health benefits. Obama Care is costly to Middle Class and if you decline to be Insured you pay penalty. Sometimes young healthy individuals do no… . That would be EVERY SINGLE politician in our government.. So then you wouldnt want sleepy Joe to get the same care when he catches it? Stop already He’s the President of the United states. That care comes with the job Get over it.

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