Vice President Pence is a man of God and he stands with and for our Country, our people and our God. Thank you God for giving us a man who doesnt hide his faith or his beliefs from anyone. TRUE MAN OF GOD.. Amazing would love to be at one of your rally’s. God Bless you Vice President Pence / President Trump your families and our Great Nation. We are all so very proud of the tireless hours you all have given as well as all our first responders Drs nurses. … . Love the Jean and boots. So down to earth!. Wonderful to see all the proud Montana folks out supporting Freedom. . Thank you Mr. Vice President for showing the differences between you and headboard Harris !. All there made me proud to have been born and raised in Montana! Trump 2020 . Love Mike Pence!! Great Vice President Grinch happy hallothankmas face mask

Grinch happy hallothankmas face mask

Grinch happy hallothankmas face mask- pic 1

This saddens and pisses me off, Trumps very fine people are a threat to every moral, patriotic American Left and right can agree…. anarchists SUCK. Glad they were caught.. Stand back and stand by.” But let me guess. Coincidence? I think not.. Bad thing is, no telling how many more are out there. Planning the same exact things.. Trump promises ‘our seniors’ free stuff as poll shows he’s losing them by 21 points. Biden is completely destroying Don the con Trump with seniors, and the Polls. #virusboygottago Grinch happy hallothankmas face mask Play GIF. Unbelievable what has been and is going on in our country since Jan 20, 2017!! Just heard him say he’s in great physical shape (ever seen him golfing) & he’s young!. The interpreter should have a mask on.. Dementia Don probably sponsored them.. Who desperately wants to turn Michigan back to blue with a possible false flag? Not surprising.. If you don’t break the law,you will not come in contact with law enforcement.It really is that simple.

Grinch happy hallothankmas face mask

They are physicians!! They had other patients that were subjected to virus because of his noncompliance. HIPAA should cover any and all patients regardless. Its absolutely no one’s business except his and his immediate family. NDA’s are a visual reminder that if they talk they are breaking the law and will be sued.. You are not a true professional healthcare person if you ever agree to lie and hide things. That’s what the hippa laws are for. Does Walter reed not have an ethics committee?. Donny is a master of the art of non-disclosure about anything… including knowing exactly how dangerous coronavirus is as early as January.. So…the same as every other hospital in America since the beginning of HIPPA. Got it.. Why ? Well eventually we will know the truth , as the saying goes , “ you can run , but you can’t hide “ KARMA !. Did they sign them? Maybe it’s because some people say things to friends and than an anonymous source is telling half truths to CNN. Doesn’t sound like a red alert situation

I feel so sad at how blind people are to his accomplishments thanks to the #media.. They reported this on ABC, leading the story with, no one was wearing masks!. A Dems are silent, you would think THIS could get them to admit POTUS did a great thing. His doing his job and what God wants to happen. We the american people that loves are nation support are great and best president that has put are nation in position that always will be the worlds super power. Are great nation haves the best and the best vice president that always puts america first. Our president is doing so much for the country, its hard to believe that some folks don’t want him another 4 years!. People go on about their day having no clue to the historical significance, all because the have made hating the President a sport.. Congratulations. It’s sad that he is doing this great piece between these countries n yet his own country hate him so much. He is a great President n done great things. Sure he is not perfect but he has grit .

Will the virus go away after the election like they have in the past?. You cannot make people do what you want them to do they will only tolerate to so much and then the poo hits the fan and we get what is happening now . Me I choose to do the wait it out thing and will only go out safely when needed.. the media and goverment is not scaring us it is real and recovery is for some not for all. No fear and it’s hardly facts. Ok, why isnt trump on that panel? He was infected” and that makes him an expert. Again trumplicans, that is sarcasm.. No fears and don’t need political or medical facts/advise from cnn or their minions.. My question is, why are we still allowing the same people who released the virus give us guidelines.. If you recently contacted Covid19 and are no longer positive would it still be a good idea to get the seasonal flu shot.

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