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Respected madam covid is worst for all not only women’s. We need world humanity organisation. Because all over the world fraud cheating lying duplicate gambling corruption. All are running behind power money position targets. God only saves us not a fe… See More. Dear Melinda Gates, God Sent Me A Chihuahua Quilt Blanket Thank you on behalf of women everywhere!. Always building up the status of women – deserves a Nobel peace prize.. Thank you. Women are affected far more by Covid for a variety of reasons. Thank you for highlighting it further.. May Allah AZOJAL bless all humans equally Disease dies not differentiate between men women girls boys children and adult. Absolutely! You are incredibly astute. Mario Falcutila. Even in our homes. We take all the additional labor. We have work and we had to take the extra in terms of online classes and take home module sheets of our children. Too much in the plate. I can see teachers in my country calling out parents already … See More

God Sent Me A Chihuahua Quilt Blanket

Is the effect more serious with women and girls or we are just being gender sensitive? God Sent Me A Chihuahua Quilt Blanket #JustAsking. Is your Husband a doctor?. You feared the worst for women and girls?????? Dont make me laugh!!!!!!. I just saw an article of an All Woman team taking the vaccine to “outer” Alaska by dog sled!! YAY team!!. Thank you. Your consistence of voice and actions are powerful for the women of the world.. Mene ! Mene ! Tekel! uParsin!! The blood of many saints are crying out to God..you and your hubby will be judged accordingly..God shall not be mocked!!. it is harder now than ever—the more easily transmitted mutation of the Covid virus. The Human family especially of African decent doesn’t really know what Billy Gates and Melinda Gates has in store for them. The two a Satans agents be careful… Mxm you & your husband stop using Africa as your bio testing ground for testing ur evil vaccine that you are developing jst to make sacrifice with their souls .you’ll go to hell

God Sent Me A Chihuahua Quilt Blanket

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