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May he be with the saints. May his family, friends and supporters be comforted in the loss of a true leader and patriot.. A class act and true American. I hope he will continue to fight for us from heaven. R.I.P.. Very sad that he had to endure such wicked stress the last months of his life. He said he would fight until his very last breath and he did. Such deep respect . Just like You Sir ,with all due respect ,You stand among the Angel’s I am sure you will take this country’s issues to a ” higher court”, and justice will be served..may we find peace in having known you,thank you for your voice and integrity.. Elijah Cummings, despite the contours, served with deepest purpose and with great clarity…because of you, we can!. Yes, echoing another comment, so much respect for him. What a remarkable man. Your personal tribute to his kindness is wonderful. Thank you, Yamiche, for sharing that. God jul sweden flag tree poster

God jul sweden flag tree poster

God jul sweden flag tree poster- A4

RIP, but justice has been served.. he makes an ,,,,,of him,. Abused the system..did nothing for his constituents. He was a corrupt POS. Play GIF. RIP Mr. Cummings and thank you for your service to this country.. Such a fine, honorable man. Elijah Cummings— you will be greatly missed by all. May you Rest In Peace.. One of the greatest patriots of our lifetime, and a man who truly stood up for what’s right. This old white lady is going to miss his voice, his honesty …. everything about him. Rest in peace, sir, we will continue to fight the good fight in your a… See More. He felt like family. I never met him, like many, I only knew him from television. But still, he was so familiar. I was shocked and heartbroken when I heard. I will miss him.. Go with God, sir! You gave us respect and dignity and will be sorely missed. My heart goes out to your family and this country, for which you fought so hard. God jul sweden flag tree poster

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God jul sweden flag tree poster- A3

What a nasty question! Look at you, bitter because you’re blinded by your own racism. You question to President Trump was rude, arrogant and dripping with identity politics and cultural Marxism, shame on you!. You read? Cause you can barely speak.. What about Indian, Chinese, Italian, Irish reparations? What a waste of a question when we are being ATTACKED TODAY. THIS IS A WAR WITH RUSSIA. and you diddle. F is your grade as moderator.. How dare we squabbles over this stolen land , with the Native Americans having to digest this damn fake-A-double-S Thanksgiving Day !! We are just a bad as the people who killed and abused to take this land. It is cursed and no peace will come from our thoughtless greed . Don’t hand me that backs of blacks // or the fact that the indians enslaved us. Turning a Nation of Peoples Painful History into a Holiday , seasoned with religious rhetoric to take the edge off.

God jul sweden flag tree poster- A1

RIP sir! A very sad day for our country.. Yes we have lost a truly great and honorable man. Rest assured others WILL come up to take his place in this trump debacle and with a fury.. This man was a national treasure. His kindness and empathy showed so clearly in how he worked. This is heartbreaking.. I’m not the least bit surprised that he would be so generous with his time to mentor you, Yamiche Alcindor. He was a compassionate man who lived with values and integrity. Treasure his words as you continue on.. So much respect for him. This is a terrible loss.. We have lost one of the great civil rights heroes…and Congressional greats ..and one of my heroes.he will be deeply missed by many. An incredibly sad day for this country. Rep. Cummings thank you for your due diligence and service to our country. My deepest condolences to his family.

Great job at the presser Yamiche! Why aren’t more reporters asking him the right questions like you? Keep it up! I hope you encouraged your fellow journalists to step up and hold him accountable for his actions. Even though he lies!. That tirade was very unprofessional of you.. Shut up. If you don’t like Yamiche, many of you have a poor way of showing it. Go to Fox News and complain
Play GIF. I was so impressed with you at the news conference today! Thank you thank you for all you do so many blessings your way. Reparations? Another diversion from PUTIN’s attack on our ideals! You wasted your time and played into the hands of the Russian Republican Party.. You are such a rock star. Smart, tough, beautiful. You’re a neoliberal progressive hating POS!. You are wonderful!. Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth. Buddha

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