Donald J. Trump is the 2020-2024 USA President . You are a pathological liar Trump. God jul norwegian ornaments Time is up you need to go home.. Bidens strategy when he knew he didn’t stand a chance: Hide in a secret place, no rallies which will expose his scant support, put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in history. (In his own words!). Your accusations of widespread voter fraud is baseless this is why all the Judges both Conservative are throwing away your court cases,, you have lost the election and now loosing a second time in the courts.. just concede and move on.. Majority of Ame… . Me and Trump will pull a surprise,Biden’s half baked victory will prove disastrous,you will try to swallow it in vain.. Go home. Play your golf, start a play boy mansion. In politics sometimes you win sometimes you loose.. So just go Home because the White House has a newest occupant.

God jul norwegian ornaments

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It would be impossible to lose if heard by wise, impartial judges.. It’s called cheating. Something the left knows all to very well. Mr. President youre undoubtedly the winner. They conspired and rigged the elections. You won the election. The entire Africa is behind you sir.. We have your back . Just be a Superman – stand up for truth and justice and the American way. Stand up for what is legal and right and constitutional. If you can do THAT, all the rest will fall into place. . The left is saying you must count every vote to prevent voter disenfranchisement. But you know what will disenfranchise voters? Allowing rampant fraud to nullify their vote.. Accept and move on Trump. You can’t win yet majority voted for someone else. Concede it Trump, I repeat ACCEPT YOU LOST IT, I’ve decided to write in capital so that you understand. What are we going to do???? We know the election was stolen and it seems like there is nothing going to be done about it. And no one held accountable. It looks like our world is doomed!!!! God jul norwegian ornaments

God jul norwegian ornaments

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Everything hidden be made known to the right people and justice wins!. Our prayers are being heard by God. Trump is slowly and steadily winning. 2nd Timothy 3:9 “they shall proceed no further for their folly shall be manifest before all men. Keep praying children of God. Pray for president Trump and your country . You lost twice . Truth in everything youre saying President Trump! I live in Pennsylvania, and have young first time voters telling me they were turned away at the polls! They showed their ID’s, and were told they already voted! They told the officials that they were … . Many many Christians are praying for the State of Pennsylvania, and we KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is doing a mighty shaking of light vs. darkness in PA, separating the wheat from the Tares, and this will bring about a great transitioning … See More

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That is disgusting ! He is pathetic !!! Keep shining the light on the dark & expose them . We back you 100 % President Trump .. . Maybe if a REAL Leader was in the White House, the federal government would’ve exhibited leadership and not leave it to individual states to fend for themselves. With the amount of time you spend watching TV, on your laptop or phone, its almost like you have nothing better to do. Don’t you have a country to run? WTF kind of leader are you!? Can’t wait for you to pack your bags and get out. At least he was trying to do something for his state while you were lying to us about the virus.. Its for reasons like this that your loyal lawyers and advisers are stroking your ego and helping you to maintain your delusion. They too are scared of being publicly ridiculedyour behaviour is disgraceful…people too scared to go against you… mo…

The world is watching, and these corrupt beings cannot get away with it! May this be the last time they control us and make fools of us! MAGA2020. You won it. We just need to prove it was rigged.. When the open and accept those mail in ballots, they throw away the envelope and signature. No way to validate that vote. So, when doing a recount, it is still counted. Wrong on so many levels. Biden said it himself, they assembled a voter fraud team.. If you cannot prove it in a court don’t come on FB to misinform people and create more divisions! Just give up!. It only goes to show the voting process in America is broken.. There is no justice!! If this is the way it going to be there will be no more freedom!! Piss on Tom wolf and the radical left!!. When your dealing with crooks and scumbags that’s what you get , it’s a normal lifestyle to them , the democrat party is trash and about a third of the republicans are trash !

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