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Long-time fan from Canada … the world needs you! Thank you for your integrity, hard work and excellent reporting! It’s gotta be tough to keep pushing for the truth in an upside-down world but thank you for always keeping our eyes focused on the tru… See More. Yamiche Alcindor you are such an inspiration. Please don’t stop asking the difficult questions. I hope you know how many of us are thankful for your courage and your professionalism when facing the monster in the White House. Be safe and well. Thank y… See More. Yamiche Alcindor THANK YOU for all you are doing to bring the truth to Americans. We are so sorry that you are being treated so badly by Trumputin! He is disgusting, despicable and deplorable. I cannot believe our country is in this situation, if only … See More. Thank you for all you’re doing! Your professionalism and persistance to bring forth the TRUTH in an environment where lies seem to hold more weight is refreshing to say the least!! We see you and we appreciate all of your hard work!! God bless you! God jul norwegian flag tree poster

God jul norwegian flag tree poster

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I see why the term “Big Mamma” would be offensive to you!. You are such a hater, another thing>Maybe the Chicago Mayor should lead by example, going out to get her hair done..PATHETIC. Is this the mayor who went out and got her hair done….so concerned about her constituents?!?. PBS should re-think your position and question your motives as an impartial journalist. At what point can you put your biases aside and join the rest of the human race?. Didn’t she get her hair cut during the stay at home request? And you interview her? This is funny.. Baby mama ? How about – men who are men by legal age only but children in responsibility. Without a strong family unit the children of that family will face nothing but obstacles.. Removal “Journalist” from your title…nothing is further from the truth.. You work for PBS a far left government supported agency with your crude version of being a reporter. Your questioning of our Surgeon General was disgusting. God jul norwegian flag tree poster

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God jul norwegian flag tree poster- A2

Thank you for your excellent journalism and consistent integrity! Keep asking the tough questions, the president may not like it but we all need voices like yours to hold his administration accountable for his role in this crisis.. You are real and making the public aware and well informed! Please know you have fans – In truly respect your diligence to bring people the TRUTH!. Your focus, professionalism and class show up Donald Trump for what he is: a profoundly disturbed narcissist who can’t cope with reality. We all deserve a different president, especially you reporters who bear the brunt of his psychopathic verbal abu… See More. He needs to be challenged on his decision to saddle the nation’s debt in the midst of a massive recovery, just to temporarily stoke the economy – and his reelection chances. It was foolish to withdrawal in a time we should have been replenishing, as no… See More

God jul norwegian flag tree poster- A1

#StandStrongYamiche! Yamiche we love you and we support you. Just stand strong bringing us the truth no matter what DJT says. We are depending on truth to get us through! Love and prayers to you dear lady. Our heroine!. Thank you, Yamiche….stand up to that thing in the WH! We The People are with you. Keep up the challenging and brilliant work. Vote Blue!!!. So sad that all USA taxpayers pay for your salary. Your questions during this pandemic bring nothing helpful or informative to the discussion. Kudos for being a shining example of the degradation of journalism in this country.. You are amazing and I appreciate you!! Keep holding his bone spurs to fire!!!!! . I don’t know how you can stand there day after day without rolling your eyes continuously. You are way stronger than I am! Keep asking the tough questions!. Dear Yamiche, I saw the press conference yesterday. You asked The President a fair question based in reality. I am appalled by his treatment of you- I see it over and over again. He treats you worse than anyone else. Know that a lot of the American peo… See More

Please continue to answer the tough questions. You are inspiring the next generation of journalist. You’re asking the questions that we the public have a right to ask of our public officials.. He contradicted himself again today. He said that if governors were bidding against themselves for supplies and ventilators, they should come to him. Meanwhile, he told them over a week ago to get the stuff themselves.. Yamiche, excellent reporting, as always. How you keep your cool is admirable and you don’t back down!!! You & your fellow journalist, Peter Alexander have been put through a lot to get to the truth. We, the American public, are grateful for what you do… See More. my favorite uncle passed away today in NY from COVID-19, and it burns me to know this could of been avoided, if not for an incompetent Govt My heart is broken . Thank you for doing your job in a fearless ,professional way. The public appreciate your relentless digging for the truth & honesty even when you are treated so disrespectfully. Your integrity & grace under fire is inspiring to young women (&men) . Th… See More

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