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According to Zhou Chu, the vassals king also did not have the right to be buried under the “Royal High School”, why is it used here? The lid of the coffin was opened, the inside was only a single thigh bone, everything was empty. People also discovered many small round or oval holes gouged around the grave wall, certainly grave thieves had to hand out first. Goat nice butt poster. At the top of the coffin, experts find a pair of stone comedy up to 1m long, placed in the east-west direction, the sweeping bottom is still bright red. According to the ancient funeral, this pair of stonework is an item to protect the power of the deceased. The bottom of the coffin is lined with many stone bars, carefully examined, this is a type of musical instrument called “khanh stone”. Talking about once a party playing in the palace, the organizer was the owner of the tomb, called “Cong Hoan Thi Tu” meaning the successor of Qin Cong Cong and Qin Hoan Cong, deducing this is Qin Canh Cong himself.


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