You never know what another person is going through. A smile can hide it all. She is very brave to show the world her struggle.. Val-erie Ann Gulseth Girl Wine And Music lose your mind find your soul poster Unless you live/lived with it.. you really have no clue how bad it is. As a kid, my legs were covered in psoriasis. My knees were really bad. I wore tights to hide it. I never wore shorts or skirts, and heaven forbid a swimsuit. When in my 20s I s… . That’s a mild to medium case of psoriasis. I know from personal experience.. Ya’ll come on. Some of you act like kids. You saying oh mines worse than yours. Really? Think about when you first started to have flares. Were you freaking out? Probably. Her psoriasis has been managed with medication so it’s going to be a little less… See More. My husband suffers with it and it’s very hard to control. Props to LeAnn for posting these photos. I wish her well

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He forgot the crime scene tape.. This is really taking freaky to the next level .. People need to chill and enjoy Halloween. This pandemic ruined a lot of fun. CHILL! Girl Wine And Music lose your mind find your soul poster Play GIF. Its awesome.. people need to lighten up ok it’s once year.I might have santa hanging in my tree for Christmas. Sherry Ermer. My husband did a reenactment of Christmas vacation last year and someone called the police thinking he was falling off the roof LOL. This looks like a crime scene not so much Halloween-ish.. That’s not spooky, that’s just sick.. How is this too far? Must have never been to a haunted house or watched any horror movie…. . Prob a Karen that called the cops. Ya sure there’s a guy wheeling a barbell full of bodies to the trash that’s normal. Common sense now come on. Not my taste… but he did a GREAT JOB of getting FREE WORLDWIDE advertising… he’s a genius

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The justice system is so unfair. The mother of this child was pleading and fighting to get custody of her children because she suspected abuse and because this POS was a cop the mother cries for help were being ignored. The judicial system is also to blame for the childs death!. Jason Castillo. He doesnt deserve to be a father, a cop or that pension!! Instead that pension should go towards helping abused kids, like his son was. Poor child. RIP.. This is beyond believable. They both should go down for this, especially the father. His lack of emotion towards his boys, especially Thomas, is unconscionable. How could he serve and protect the public when he can’t even care for his own kids. He can … . screw his pension.. he just robbed a little boy of his life and a mother of her son. for what? he’s a god damn child – special needs or not. he was supposed to be someone that children should be able to trust to protect them and he failed his own child… See More

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Its a skin condition , not contagious just annoying for the person who has it and nothing to be ashamed of !!!!. Its nice to see her sharing her story she is beautiful with or without. I got diagnosed with psorasis 4 years ago first time it showed up. My body was covered and my scalp was full of it that i had lost a lot of hair. By that time it was summer I still… . People can be cruel. I had someone look at my 2 year old in disgust and ask if he was contagious Bc he had eczema patches on his legs.. Its great when celebrities show the rest of the world they aren’t perfect, so that those that look up to them understand that they are imperfect and human too!. Debra Slaughter
I have a mild case, around my ears, forehead, eyes and scalp, so I can really feel for her. Just my mild case is miserable, not nears as bad as she has it – I feel for her.

I will never understand some peoples lack of empathy for children, especially children with special needs. So sad.. Pension, he does not deserve a pension. He is responsible for his sons life, he needs jail. Von Yee. Forget resigning should he not be charged. This was just wicked. What a horrible bully. Hope he is put in prison and gets a taste of his own medicine,. The good ol boy system. Judges and DCF workers automatically believe the cop”.. This is pathetic. He should not get that pension!! He should be forced to sit, naked, in sub zero temperatures for hours. Then jail if hes still alive. Its not shocking he was a cop tho. Domestic abuse goes from 1 in 10 (non cops) to 1 in 2 (cops).. He doesn’t deserve his pension. It should go to his other sons. This is another situation that needs police reform. Cops should not be extended courtesies because they’re cops if they’re accused of breaking the law. Judges, case workers and anyone else involved should be charged as well since they looked the other …

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