Girl In Bed Easily distracted by dogs and wine poster


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Bravo! The only parts my girls and I watched of the whole show. Thank you DVR.. im inlove. this so pretty. vocals on point.. Your performance last night was absolutely phenomenal!. Great collaboration ! Proud of our Canadians for their success worldwide !. shawn playing guitar again is what i needed. Shawn did a very great performance!! Girl In Bed Easily distracted by dogs and wine poster Thanks for you and your songs for being one of my stress reliever and moodsetter. Also,your songs saves me always when I am gettin’ bored.You’re an angel from heaven.. Autumn Farel. I see Youre performance in American Music Award is so nice i cant believe. Thats why i love you so much. When are you coming out with a Christmas album? Amazing last night.. Love Shawn but I don’t like the song.. Your raw tone of voice is utterly amazing in every sense. Looked and sounded great! Shame no Jingle Ball this year to see you!

Girl In Bed Easily distracted by dogs and wine poster

Girl In Bed Easily distracted by dogs and wine poster 3

I love Shawn Mendes! Hopefully, a very cool documentary will come out sometime in the movies. Girl In Bed Easily distracted by dogs and wine poster Play GIF Tenor. I already remind set in my netflix i’m so excited shawnnn support always. Sarah Halpern. Loved it! Excellent film! So excited for you and can’t wait to see it again and for the new music!!. I always like to watch movies, documentaries about Music, about the something I care about it, about the magic of music. Good documentary. . I am so excited to watch it tomorrow!!!! . I’m watching it tonight, I haven’t had the chance because of exams. It looks amazing Shawn . Camila Marialessandra Palacios Porras. Erica Nilsson. I’m so ready to cry my eyes off, love you with all my heart and thanks for being the most incredible human being.. This film is brilliant! I love them, I cried all the time. you look so different with short hair now, but I love you with my entire life

Girl In Bed Easily distracted by dogs and wine poster

Girl In Bed Easily distracted by dogs and wine poster 2

Lenore Aurelio
Our home and native land…….wonderful to see you both perform. Love Canadian guys together. Great performance! Both of them! You’re amazing, your music is amazing and you’re guapísimo!! . Great performance Shawn Mendez.. Kimberly Smith. So proud of you Shawn
I’m so excited about the documentary. You have the most amazing voice ever! . Shawn Mendes you are just a beautiful soul and amazing artist your words to Justin Bieber in your post are a powerful thing to say going from one male to another male artist both of you have worked hard to be where you are today keep shining . You were my favorite performance tonight. Great job and thank you.. Fantastic collaboration. Two very talented young men putting their fears out there in such a public way, each bring their own style to the music.. Congrats guys!
I saw yours both perform!. Beautiful song and beautiful voice. Being so young with so much talent, it’s Just amazing. Thanks Shawn for the happiness you give us. I love

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Girl In Bed Easily distracted by dogs and wine poster 1

THAT WAS AMAZING! OMG, I REALLY LOVED IT . I’ve got Netflix but working nite shift deffo watch this 2morrow nite.xx. Shawn Mendez is like my husband he is everything I JUST LOVE HIM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. got the chills omg… really excited for this to drop . Sashnee Govender
So looking forward to watching this. I’m so excited to watch !! Can’t wait !!
. Ruth Schreiber. Love U. Cece Jesse. Christina Groff. I will be watching it when i wake up. Not staying up until 3 am.. Dam that performance was . looking forward to this!. 3am ET? Sorry, but no thank you!. José Enríquez. it is wonderful to know the human being beyond the singer…. love you. I have been monitoring NETFLIX and I couldn’t wait enough to watch the entire film. . I am so excited to watch “in wonder” i love you so much . I can’t wait to watch this. I’m pumped.

Really, great voice you have…. really impressive!!!. Thanks for that beautiful performance, it was the best. That music just made me feel so great!. So magical. Jade Bruce. Beautiful voices, beautiful melody, beautiful lyrics, beautiful everything! . Shawn, i love your song and your voice is so amazing and sweet. Love his voice, love this song. I love . Emerald-Raine Charles. That was awesome i loved it !!!!¡. We love your music here in Kenya. We even play it in church during prayer and worship. Shawn Mendes love this song. His songs are phenomenal he such a great songwriter never mind his guitar playing that’s off the charts Love your music to the moon and back. . ) Shawn Mendez….don’t know if you will see this or not. My grandson is 10 years old. He is autistic. And he worships you. Last year for Thanksgiving he had to write 3 things he was grateful for. 1: Apple juice. 2. Shawn Mendez. 3. His Mom … See More

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