Girl and dog therapist poster



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Vietnamese dog breeds are generally of medium size and small in size, our dogs weigh about 10-12 kg when grown up. [6] Indochinese dogs are of average stature, weighing from 12 kg-20 kg, height (from the ground up to the top of the shoulders) from 45 cm – 65 cm. The body is slightly longer than the height, normally male dogs are larger than female dogs. The characteristic that is easy to identify with this species, if purebred, must have four legs with white sock color, the tail and white tip (the tail), [4] the tail is moderately long, normally loose (tail tail ), when the operation is raised upwards, or rolled on the back (curled tail). The height to the shoulders compared to the body length is 1: 1,2 in which the body is in a horizontal rectangle, the back is straight, the belly is slim.

Girl and dog therapist poster

Personalized custom name girl and dog therapist poster 3

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Girl and dog therapist poster

Personalized custom name girl and dog therapist poster 2'

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