In other words anything he says at a rally should be treated as nonsense.. I doubt the 13 self-called militia facing prison sentences for plotting to kidnap and killing Gov Whitmer were just having fun at Trump rallies.. And that is so sad for her to say he was just having fun at a rally, really its not a joke.. He was having fun”? Are you some kind of whack job he was definitely inciting anger against her…nothing fun about it!!!. “He was having fun.” Excuse me? The president of our country should NEVER make fun of a situation like this.. Bunker Boy didn’t send them , they were doing their job as they should !! As for the terrorist them self’s , they were acting out on Bunker Boys behalf , he tells them there’s nothing to be concerned with COVID and they buy hook , line and AK 47s !! … Ghostbusters christmas sweater

Ghostbusters christmas sweater

Ghostbusters christmas sweater- pic 1

Biden is low energy for presidency. Ghostbusters christmas sweater How can a sane person vote such a candidate. A candidate that doesnt understand himself and suffering from memory lapses .. I think it’s funny, I never got a call for a poll. So how can they say Biden is winning if a lot of people didn’t get polled. Oh wait! They only want Dem polls no Rep.. Republicans don’t need to waste their time voting. Trump is going to win by a HUGE landslide. Just stay home and drink the tears of the heart broken Democrats.. Just wait until Trump goes totally mental like a big baby at the polls this coming week. His impending meltdown will drag him down even further.. So Biden ain’t the best candidate other wise he have a better lead. California for Trump 2020. No to career and corrupt politicians. Do people who want to do away with the ec realize that 4 or 5 states would elect the president or do they not care.

Ghostbusters christmas sweater

Ghostbusters christmas sweater- pic 2

Thank goodness for these polls. I always count on the CNN polls to be 100% accurate & totally fool proof. . Let’s just get on with this election. Either way, CNN will chase that dollar with conflict though. Joe is a proven leader. Dont TRUST the POLLS #VOTE. Remember what happened to Hillary! She was up TOO! Get your family, friends, and everyone else out to #VOTE. VOTE BLUE!!! Do NOT get complacent–Remember 2016!!!. Please don’t listen to polls and vote like your life depends on it.. The blue wave is coming. Keep telling yourself that. You’re gonna make people cry again . Polls do not matter. 2016 should’ve taught us that. We must be vigilant. We cannot get complacent. #teambiden. I want to believe these polls but I don’t have much faith in them. #VoteHimOut!. Stop with the polls already. We saw what happened in 2016. I don’t believe any of it. We will see what happens after November 3rd.

So did Hillary, we all thought she had ituntil the EC took it all away.. .. .. get rid of EC & do popular vote like most 1st world countries. So I’m feeling positive about the 11 point lead, but it should be so much larger!!! What the hay is wrong with the people who still support our loser in chief??!!. I really dont see how biden is in the lead. Look around everywhere and its pretty much all trump flags and signs across the country from what people in comment sections say every day and thats how it is in my town as well. People are having their own … . When Trump is gone, Americans can resume to a normal life again, like the 8 years under Obama, those were good years, Trump destroyed our country like Bush did, it’s always a Republican in the WH that brings us down.

I definitely have respect for almost all the first ladies. I do have favorites that I remember. Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, and Michelle Obama.. Love the fact that they featured Strong First Ladies that actually had a platform and contributed to society unlike the current First Lady. Her anti bully campaign somehow missed her husband’s ears.. And helped ignored the aids crisis and supported the drug war. If you can explain how a billionaire pays 750 in taxes.. I recall when she was giving a tour of the White House to Mrs. Gorbachev and trying to give her a history lesson. She didn’t remember that Mrs. Gorbachev had a PHD in history.. yeesh! Michelle then Jackie then Nancy? You screwed up the order.. Eleanor Roosevelt was the major first lady who was more than a first lady.. She had more class in her little finger that the current one could ever imagine.

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