Hong Kongs last vestiges of democracy are shattered by Beijing. What a rotten fig leaf that is called One Country, Two Systems”.. Hong Kong people are now so glad to see 4 clowns being fired , and another 15 clowns taking their own initiative to resign. This is by far the only good thing these clowns contribute to HK. Democratic Party receives support and financial assistance to overthrow their own Govt . Their leaders are ” traitors of a thousand years ” who leads riots , arson , damages to public and private properties , set old man on fire , throw bricks to k… . Republicans are the only ones that are not wearing masks in government and they are the only ones that are infected with COVID.. Sounds like what’s ahead for us IF the new regime takes over…. Politics shouldn’t exist if they’re not doing it for the welfare and happiness of the citizens of the country Gardening That’s what i do i garden i drink and i know things poster

Gardening That’s what i do i garden i drink and i know things poster

Gardening That's what i do i garden i drink and i know things poster- A4

Biden is coming in and he will get Hong Kong back from China to were it belongs its people.. We are soon to follow with the AOCs, and the socialist of government fixes everything.sad to say. Pro democracy lawmakers . Seems like the future of the United States . . . under the Democrats . . .. And Joe Biden is all about pampering CCP China!. Please the world urgently convene the Paris Peace Accord Member states and send UN Peace Keeping forces to help arrange and monitor Re-Election in Cambodia by 2020 and dicussing areas of business.. Last year you said that Hong Kong riots were beautiful. This year, it happened in the United States. Kinda like America! Thats what Biden wants to do here. Him & his buddies in China.. Communist warm welcome to President Biden. WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT FAKE CHINA BEHIND BIDEN,WE ALL KNOW CHINABANK LOANED KKKRUMP 200MILLION DOLLARS, HOW DOES A SO CALLED BILLIONAIRE OWE 400MILLION, HOWS HIS STUFF IN THE RED AGAIN??? MCCONNELLS USE OF KKKRUMP WONT HELP THEM STEAL THE SENATE AMERICA… Gardening That’s what i do i garden i drink and i know things poster

Gardening That’s what i do i garden i drink and i know things poster

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Just a glimpse of things to come closer to home!. Unfortunate. All HK US paid evil blood sucker traitor legislators must go !!!
Sell out their ancestry. Utah High Court weighs case of woman who says church made her listen to audio of her rape https://www.ksl.com//utah-high-court-weighs-case-of…. MEGA CORRUPTION CASE IN EDUCATION SARGODHA UNIVERSITY. https://youtu.be/HngF9UMDObY. Like Democrats wanting to pack the Courts, expand their votes in the Senate with Puerto and DC.
They already have the Congress, Media, Press, Big tech and want the Presidency.. Few people are surprised. Its well known that the Chinese leadership will say use lie needed to get or steal what they want, and their promises are worth nothing.. These atrocity genocide was made by TPLF juntas to remove Amhara, Oromos and other ethnicity in order to back its political position https://www.facebook.com/amare.setie.3/videos/3341296165976589. CHINA HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CIVIL RIGHTS AT ALL.. CCP So bad. They don’t know for justice .

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What happened in the Presidential election was fraud They faked the results to make Biden win… I cant imagine that this happened in the USA which is supposed to be a developed democracy… President Trump is the real winner of the election… He will expose the fraud and take legal action against those involved … Biden, Kamala, Obama and everyone involved in the presidential election fraud should be arrested and prosecuted…
What happened in the US Presidential elections is fraud… They faked the election results… The whole voting process should be repeated and the whole system should by investigated… I would suggest a voting process supervised by the US military as an independent unbiased institution… The corrupt deep state is not qualified to manage the presidential election process… The whole system should be revised… Please fight for your voters and for people President Trump … We are all behind you !!

This guy is going to throw down the hammer and lock NY down! . Vancouver is on lockdown for two weeks as our numbers have recently skyrocketed. No gatherings allowed. And we’re ok with it. People just gotta do what they gotta do to manage the spread. It’s not rocket science people – do your part.. Every state. City. Town. Every govenor , every mayor , city council , town council . Must do their own policing so to speak to get it under control.
It does not matter if a town has 1000 or 4500.. High Risk: Senior citizens and those with certain health conditions.. Bidens going to try to lock down the country.people are going to raise their left eyebrow at him and go on with their business. Most of the country had enough lockdown in April/May, and aggressive lockdowns didn’t protect Europe from rising cases.… . Bravo Gov. Cuomo ! We trust you to call the shots, knowing it is based in science fact and truth ! Thank you for all the work in this battle !

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