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Yamiche, you are an amazing journalist! Thank you for keeping us informed!. You’re insightful, eloquent, on point, easy to listen and watch. You’re remarkable! I watch your news every night.. Started following her regularly after she took fire from C/Sh*thead and didn’t flinch. My kinda gal; my kinda reporter. PBS better treat her right. Once Judy retires, this gal’s taking over for Gwen-Ifill-The-Magnificent.. Yamiche is great. One gets honest reporting & no holding back on what D.T. is doing & what he’s up to. She reports the news honestly. Yamiche seems to be able to dig deep & underneath & report it. Keep it up. L.D.. Your presence is a comfort, you make the pain of losing Gwen bearable to me.. We’re big Yamiche fans in this house. Covering the White House cannot have been easy. Here’s to the future!. Trump should give you a PARDON, for the ignorant way he has treated you over the years of his administration. When Trump goes low, Miss Yamiche goes for the truth! Yamiche is awesome! Game In this house we embrace the nerdy poster

Game In this house we embrace the nerdy poster

Game In this house we embrace the nerdy poster- A3

Every evening I look forward to hearing from Yamiche on PBS New. She offers a straight, fact-based account of daily White House news.. Love you Yamiche. You are one brave and strong journalist. Stand tall and carry on. Don’t think I could do what you do. An inspiration!. Such respect for you…it has been a crying year.. I just love the way you question the toddler in chief as he gets madder. He hates strong women of color. Your gift to get the story out is impressive! For instance, the way you stick to the facts and mission in spite of personal and aggressive attacks… May God continue to lead, guide and perfect your gifts and life.. Always good to catch your words. Much like viewing a picture through your eyes.. You are the real deal and I look for you on all the channels because I value your reporting …so keep up the good work and hope to see you on the WC dinner ceremonies!!! Game In this house we embrace the nerdy poster

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Are you blind or just stupid? There are many different videos of the shooting in Kenosha, Wis. that show rioters with guns. Yet you say Kyle Rittenhouse shot ‘unarmed’ protesters. Typical low life pos that calls herself a reporter. Your a joke.. A great interview! Thank you Yamiche and thanks to PBS. We can’t let the threats to reporters by this administration stop the truth from coming out.. You march.
I stand for this country, our flag, the Pledge of Allegiance and would be proud to stand next to Madison Cawthorn any day.. Say his name, Kyle Rittenhouse the killer of paedophiles. He is my hero.. The fact that you were able to verbally attack a disabled person shows that your moral compass is broken. This woman should be fired and never allowed to practice journalism again. Racist and bigoted leftist people do not deserve to be journalists, but especially not for any company that is supposed to be serving the public.

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I love Yamiche. Thank you for not backing down from the worst bully president.. I’m a huge fan Yamiche. I trust you and respect your work. Keep it up. We can’t fix what we refuse to acknowledge.. When your stories come on, I instinctively say, “Yamiche!” out loud. Love your work and your style.. One of the only broadcast journalists carrying on the Murrow tradition of straight facts and no fucks to give.. Keep up the great work. I always pay attention when you are talking. Yamiche, You make me feel so proud. I remember when you first showed up on PBS NewsHour. Your style and your stories are solid and so refreshing. Thank you.. Love your coverage and your professionalism. I look forward to following you for many years to come!. Echoing the thank you for your great reporting and unflappable perseverance.. Looking forward to reading the article.. Loved you since seeing you on PBS and always happy when you appear on the other networks. Thank you Yamiche!

“Yamiche, again using her job at a taxpayer-funded news outlet to vent her personal, political biases.”. I was a 10 year old and saw the first March on Washington on TV. It was
inspiring and meaningful.. I was looking for this interview last night after seeing it on the Newshour. It was amazing. Thank you so much for posting it.. Thank you for the work you do. I appreciate the information you bring out in your interviews.. Great work as usual Yamiche. His words are TRUTH. The March on Washington was nothing short of inspirational. Lord help us to grab the momentum and run on toward the realization of Dr. King’s Dream. #PrayingtotheGodofMiracles Jacob be fully restore… See More. I saw that interview. That man! I don’t know how he can maintain his cool. Thank you, Yamiche.. Love your commentary and that you stand up to Trump.. I watched this interview—-so very real and touching. Than you both.

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