From the bottom of my heart down syndrome face mask


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Been a long time coming Vin! Congrats to you and the crew for keeping this legacy going in memory!. So handsome. Very good actor. I love all of his movies. I cant wait till it comes out.. And you’re still looking goodddddddd. I have alla them on my lap top.. Looking forward to the film Can’t wait to see this…!!!. I can hardly wait to see the is exciting.. you’ve starred and acted in movies packed with action that’s fun and so entertaining to watch.. love them all From the bottom of my heart down syndrome face mask Take care Vin Diesel and God bless . Wow We can hardly wait to see the trailer and the movie. We are die hard fans who appreciate you guys talent.. Looking great as always cousin. I am sure it will be a hit as are all your movies you need to come visit in Florida soon. great pic and looking forward to seeing fast and furious 9

From the bottom of my heart down syndrome face mask

From the bottom of my heart down syndrome face mask 1

Paul Walker would be so happy. He’s looking over all of you I can’t wait for Fast 9 I’ve watched 7 & 8 2 days in a row now You are all lie family love you guys & thank ou for being an inspiration to me & many others Hugs to all. Yes parenthood changes your outlook in life..kind of a defining purpose of your existence being given another life to love, raise, protect and nurture apart from yourself. I swear,They better NOT have anything happened to Little Brian!!!!!!. Vin is good no doubt, There is non like him, his voice is very exceptional making his roles is movies sophisticated and perfect. this recent movie storyline is super interesting and lite. I expected more and some thing different, and they delivered. c… See More. If they continue to keep Brian alive in this one, I’m gonna be really mad. Allow the character to die, so Mia and their son can come back to the series. From the bottom of my heart down syndrome face mask

From the bottom of my heart down syndrome face mask

From the bottom of my heart down syndrome face mask 2

This movie is going to be ztyyriu uuuciifuy, o uiootwyii incredible because of the continuity of the amazing FAMILY. And makes the saga super original and invincible as it is own structure. I thing you and your crew and friendly casting will create … See More. You are my best actor and it’s more exciting that you added on my childhood icon John. Thanks alot Vin. Brother Vin Diesel I can’t Wait to See what happens to Everyone!!! This is Going to be the One for the Record Books Thank you so Much For the Great Franchise and I Look Forward to Seeing your Work in More movies to come – I Can’t-Wait to See your New M… See More. Seriously can’t wait and thanks for doing these films!!. We’re too excited!. So excited to see the next Fast and Furious.Your a brilliant Actor.x. Keep making movies Vin, you’re a great entertainer and your movies are always fun to watch. Looking forward for your next movie. Great job

Where’s Jason Statham . At least F9 would be way better than Hobbs and Shaw super hero movie. Here comes the Dom.. Surely it will be better than Hobbs and shaw. I guess I can understand if there was a signed contract to keep making movies after Paul died which that should have been the end of the movies, after his demise; RIP Paul. But my god when will it ever end?. Can’t wait sir to watch it I’m extremely excited for and the teaser was absolutely stunning and once again for the fast and furious family #R.I.P. for the paul walker #BRIAN O CORNER. we miss you sir.. Hope this is last one, love all these films but there all getting a bit too far fetched and silly to be honest. This franchise should have been left alone and finished when they said their bye to paul…….sorry for me when he died this franchise died it’s nothing without him

“Things change, now that I’m a father, I can’t live my life a quarter mile at a time anymore” -Paul Walker. Man, love it or hate it The Fast Saga is an Anime kind of show with the best live action a movie could offer, I admit it… It’s ok to go crazy!. I bought a purple one and love it
Play GIF. I am dying to see F9 , From your second country Dominican Republic, my dear friend you and your group are awesome.. So excited. Can’t wait for this one.. Mission impossible is all these movies are now.. If Justin beaber is in this movie I’ll not watch or purchase the DVD.. Looking forward to seeing Bloodshot..but very disappointed in F9 premiere. Please have an online opening night I promise I will be there!!! Make it available for $29.99 or even $39.99. I will still go see it in theaters. Then in 2021 you can premier… See More

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