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Congratulations, Mike. The next Black Panther! Awesome! Well deserved. What a long journey from SCSU gym teaching Tong Su Do. The journey is yet still ongoing, the story is still being written.. Yo MICHAEL JAI WHITE you talked shit about JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME and Mike Perry Also challenged you to a fight. Why dont you step into the cage with a smaller guy than you with no Black Belts on his record.You said you would beat him and jean claude in… See More. Big brah i look at you as my adoptive sensei… Growing up in Baltimore city i had to learn real fast how to throw these hands and feets.. I truly appreciate what you’ve done for the Art.. I even remember you being an extra on Ninja Turtles 2, with tha… See More. I imagine you as the new Black Panther… when you take that role… let us know, we’ll be waiting! Friends quotes poster

Friends quotes poster

Friends quotes poster 1

Mike I just had to text you and relay my feelings. All you have accomplished and I see you have maintained a deep sense of humility. I’m about 10 years older, but there is still much to learn from a man like you.. I would love to see Michael Jai White in the next exhibition with Mike Tyson.. We all have lifestyles that benefit us all Michael Jai White Lets get with the program going on 17 years strong my brother what are you willing to do #OneLove #UnityInTheCommunity 3 Rounds Of Pound Per Pound We Rise By Lifting Others. Literally one of my favorite Martial Artist!! One of the driving forces that got me into it. Nice video michael to share it for fans.That means a lot for lifestyle as you said.. make more movies please we want to see you more protagonist!. I am not sure you will have time to get back to me with this comment, but i am trying to figure out where i need to go and what i need to do to learn all those incredible professional moves i saw in the movie ‘welcome to sudden death’. Do you or anyone… See More Friends quotes poster

Friends quotes poster

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You will ALWAYS BE SPAWN to me mate. Love your work, from Australia.. Bro I love you for ur effort and ur humbleness
Not understandable for a lot of us. Since I guess your not makin martial arts movies anymore at least we got Scott Adkins still.. Hello my brother yeah yeah yeah yeah I’ll see you all this thing you’re funny clips your your your original movies and see you or you and Boracay Boracay to the prison fight you were Rana you are fantastic I’m send my number to you to try to WhatsApp m… See More. I am in Blood N Bone and I have watched it at Swallownest court hospital, Aughton road, Sheffield, S26 4th. The admission was from 03/09/2019 up to 02/10/2019. I wish you were casted as blade. You’ve been my idol for a long time. One of the best fighters on the planet.. Listen to him he is the real thing this is not a movie star telling you how to take care of yourself this is a real man giving you advice.

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You are an awesome actor and love to watch your movies. Especially the movies your doing martial arts in.
Play GIF. Love u Sir. Michael do you Remember Charlie Hatchett, from Bridgeport?. Praise the Lord Michael. This is Apostle Taylor-Smith. How are you? Just a reminder to study your Bible Homework Genesis 1:1-26. Be blessed.. Nigeria as a country is in troubles in the hands of our government, the police are brutalizing the citizens, poverty has taken over the lives of 85% of Nigerians, bad roads, poor health care system, no electricity. Now the citizens are protesting. We a… See More. TO TGE REAL “JAX” FROM MORTAL KOMBAT THANKS FOR YALL YOU DO……. michael would need to be john Stuart’s green Lantern… I would love to see you in a new movie I think you’re a great actor an exceptional karate master overall really good athlete I can’t wait till this covid-19 junk is over! Or until they find a vaccine for everybody either or! Lololi

Bro your our black super hero. Bro don’t disrupt your page or business. And I haven’t seen your post. But your words will be very powerful for right now for what’s going on in the USA.. Hope you got a movie with Anthony Adkins… your both good in Martial arts,, excellent movie,,all the time. where you been any new movies. I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO WRITE IN ENGLISH I AM USING THE GOOGLE TRANSLATOR, I AM SENDING THIS MESSAGE IN LARGE LETTERS TO SAY: PLEASE STAY WELL! EACH OF YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO ALL OF US AND WE EXPECT TO SEE MANY MOVIES AND SERIES WITH YOU! I’m doing a flashb… See More. Hey Mike! Just wanted to ask how do you discipline yourself to do all of your martial arts and exempt temptation from eating unhealthy foods from your routine… Please let me know your secret… As a woman, I want to accomplish being a personal fitnes… See More

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