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This woman will some day be 100 years old and this woman will still & forever be HOT AS HELL!!! Friends Dress like rachel phone case She is so fabulous no matter what age she is, and or what she wears….. Wow jlo…. is there any company you and Alex don’t promote???? Give someone else a chance for a gig….. I love when rich people try to look all raggedy and basic to appeal to the masses LOL. What a hypocrite. Moved to Miami escaping the cesspools in California and New York and now wants to turn Florida communist. Get out!!!! Hypocrite!!! Go pay the taxes in Cali and New York and stay out of Florida!!! Once this state turns, where will you … See More. Absolutely love the black ones she is wearing….so fly!!!!!. That is not true, she works hard for what she has, and she works out almost everyday, if you look at her back in the day, she looks the same just more grown up now

Friends Dress like rachel phone case

Friends Dress like rachel phone case 3

What ugly shoes these are ! hard plastic cheap -Nike sucks ! cheap crap glue falls Apart slaves built forget about it!. How many copies of these kind of shoes can they make !. The most beautiful woman in the entire world, we love you so much, dear, and we wish you more brilliance and creativity in the future. Promoting that shoes how lucky the manufacturer can sell a lot.. People are going to lose their minds to buy $235 sneakers. Oh please, better use that money 4 food, on your kids or pay a bill. Glenda Majano. A-Rod is still being talked about? Didn’t hear it’s higher with the ridiculous contract that no man is worth? If Jackie Robinson or George Herman Ruth was live today they would be more money than for different a-rods separate or even a whole team of th… See More. do they come with PEDs? Friends Dress like rachel phone case

Friends Dress like rachel phone case

Friends Dress like rachel phone case 2

You so young n lovely, I watch you all the time wish I could work out and look as young and fabulous than you ( coz I’m younger than you) but I look up to you from Kenya Nairobi.. Looking great..youve always had the beauty since I saw Selena..the boots are so cute..Im proud you can have nice things and bring us such great singing..Love you… You look so beautiful as always and looking young at your age… J-Lo we all love you. You should consider making a few poor mom’s better looking. Maybe by treating them to a new wardrobe, skin care etc. I wish you much success and happiness! You are beautiful no matter what!. 52 years old age is just a number. Why would you endorse Biden? Who the heck do you you two, think you are! Living in your gated mansion with armed security guards! Can’t stand either one of you entitled people!

Friends Dress like rachel phone case 1

Anthony J. Perez
The super bowl was the most amazing I’ve seen and by far the best and the statement you and Shakira was making much love and respect goes out to you guys latino power JLo. I love you, Jennifer Lopez!! It doesn’t matter what your heritage is. I’m just white; doesn’t matter to me. I don’t believe in all that. I just love you for you and all the rest is insignificant to me! Please continue to shine; you beautiful, sweet, lo… See More. A brilliant singer full of love and energy . Yasmeen Al Manasrah. JLo I’m from south Africa I like that movie of ur enough is enough it inspire me so much and the wedding planner home is can meet u in real life . Dana Thomas. Edgardo Luis Rivera. Darryl Monks. I love maluma he helped my little friend oscar ricardo when he was little on the show for kids from columbia as his coach

I hope that Corona will end soon and your concerts and albums will progress a lot!!!! Other singers will also be active~~~. Mission Accomplished much love to Latino family. And when you come from in France for a concert??? . Not only are you beautiful the beautiful voice you also are a very good actress and funny we love you and mother-in-law. Frey’jackson Shiro’guerrero. Frey’jackson Shiro’guerrero. Lynn Cartwright. Francesca Moretta. Frey’jackson Shiro’guerrero. Tammy Cassidy. Violet Fs. My name is Brinsden Culver, I am a Real Estate Agent in Florida. My apologies for contacting the wrong business outlet but I just wanted more information concerning the “buy back the block project”. I own a Real Estate Investment Company (Alpha City 1… See More. Yes, this is what I love about JLO, she doesn’t stay silence and never give up! She will always rise! She doesn’t drink alcohol and no caffeine! That is why she stay fit and have that an amazing body! Hope and love that is all we need!

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