Frida Kahlo Banksy Salvador Dali Poster


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I wonder what inspired that. I am so tired right now. I just had a full body workout. It’s called my shower. But I smell good, I look great, and once I fit into my one piece, I too shall spontaneously combust.. Never mind your shorts lol you are going to wear out your joints!. Hello, greetings … What is it for you to be fit, if the biggest responsibility you have is not your body or the luxuries … But rather bring our children to full knowledge of things. GOD so they don’t get lost in a dying world … And a generation o… See More. BE CARFUL Chris Hemsworth!!!! We can’t wait to see you to be in the next 8 marvel films not including Asgardians of the galaxy trilogies . You are so hot my eyes literally burst into flames!. Awesome sesh Chris! What weight dumbbells are used in that? Frida Kahlo Banksy Salvador Dali Poster

Frida Kahlo Banksy Salvador Dali Poster

Frida Kahlo Banksy Salvador Dali Poster 3

All these millenials commenting who have no freaking clue who Jay and Silent Bob are. Hush children, let the adults talk. . Is that what Jay used to look like? I can’t remember.. I laughed at how toned down this is from the red band trailer.. Looks really funny and of course the best thing is that Chris Hemsworth is in it ! . What is that Q ???. Jay and silent Bob…. Awesome I want to watch it. These dudes are great. And of course Chris is in it. So i want to watch it just as much.. undefined. Yooo Methodman and Redman are init, I’m definitely watching. Philip STARK. TONY STARK. Kevin Smith is my spirit animal . That’s correct as per the idiocy on the street today…. The only person this is missing is Willie Nelson. Đoạn đầu hài vl =))). Red man and method man Frida Kahlo Banksy Salvador Dali Poster

BIG SALE Frida Kahlo Banksy Salvador Dali Poster

Frida Kahlo Banksy Salvador Dali Poster 2

I liked it. I got plenty of laughs. It helps if you watched the 1st and his previous films. Lots of 4th Wall.. The girls getting off on your hologram and that you forewarned it was hilarious !. Looks to he hilarious now I have to watch it.. we love you . Erin Thompson lol the good old days . Great video yes. Just tell the world you are also a lover of cannabis . Daim S Collingham lol. undefined. Why isn’t this being released in Australian theaters? . Can’t wait to see this . Is it really 4 hour 20 minutes????. Wow a different acting role great for your porfolio. I,m eyes tráiler un a long time this eyes ugly. Lol this looks hilarious and heaps of actors i love are in it ill definitely be watching!. Rob
With a guest appearance from Q the teddy bear Quinn . When in France theaters ??

Frida Kahlo Banksy Salvador Dali Poster 1

9. Hiii from Italy!! . Love thor beauty…but extraction kind of rambo not my cup of tea…sorry beauty loveya anyway.. You’re the best! Waiting for the Season 2 of Extraction. . Watched it last night, great action scenes, loved the pace, and your delivery and the accent lol, very cool, 10 outa 10 mate . You are silly! Chris Hemsworth Extraction was absolutely fantastic! Can’t wait for Thor Love and Thunder. Hopefully it won’t be the fat Thor. Please do have me crying like I did in End Games. Smh. Extraction was intense I must admit – high action and very violent-but good story and I did enjoy it. Absolutely riveted to the screen watching Extraction. Going to watch it again and again.. Mate, great job with “Extraction”. Hands down, one of the best action drama flix of all time!. What a fantastic sit on the edge of your seat film so much action & really good scenes with you fighting Chris Hemsworth

Loved Extraction, seen it 4 times already. Gripping from start to finish! Bring on Extraction 2!!. You’re awesome Chris Hemsworth. I am a big fan of yours and I love you potrayal of THOR you star as in the MCU.. I already watched Extraction 1 and now waiting for Extraction 2…I read it will come. You are an amazing actor Chris Hemsworth! This is funny as s$&t. Hi Chris . Joan here from Dublin, Ireland. Me and my girls watched Extraction. And I watched it again with my hubby. What a great film. Love the action scenes … and what a good and solid story…. can’t wait for more films from you . . still waiting for Thor love and thunder……. Looking forward to seeing ‘Extraction’ when I get round to it!!. I’m diggin’ that gold metal sculpture on the wall! Very cool!. I just watched Extraction last night. It was awesome!! Well done C.H.!! Greetings from Ottawa, Canada.

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