You should’ve won Minnesota he should win every state. Trump 2020. BeCaUsE tHe PoLlS dOnT iNcLuDe An EqUaL aMoUnT Of RePuBlIcAnS aNd DeMoCrAtS. He has his own polls that are accurate.. Outstate Minnesota will make the whole state go Red!!! Just sayin’!!!! Time to take our State back.. The polls are flawed! Can’t you feel the energy? . Trump is going to run over biden. Who cares what the poll says. The votes are what matters. Go Trump!! Biden cannot run this country!!. By the looks of his crowd voter enthusiasm is definitely there. Look at a poll from 2016 to refresh your memory on how you were completed slapped in the face . It’s like they’re replaying all the same soundbites and polling results from way back in uh… 2016(?). Look at the size of every crowd lol. Polls don’t mean a thing. We’ve got 4 more years. Fox Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

Fox Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

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Another reason to vote for him. Too bad half of the country has unwarranted hatred for the President.. Thank you, President Trump!. Thank you God for President Trump. Hes been an excellent leader and has done more for Americans than the last three president’s together.. Thank you Jesus! We don’t ever give up on our fellow Americans.. Great job Trump and the Trump Administration! God Bless America!!. Why isn’t this on mainstream news. What a slap in the face for these hostages not getting coverage. That’s my president and I’m beyond proud! . Thank the lord!! Get them on American soil so we can salute them, hug them, and nurse them back to health. Thank you so much Mr President, for caring for America and our best interests. Awesome !! . Didn’t even make the news. How pathetic when we can’t even celebrate our fellow Americans returning home! . Thank you! We have the best President Fox Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

Fox Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

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Let’s not forget the projected winner 2016. I have zero faith in polls. You can feel the heartbeat of a country and know what’s coming!! It’s not a vote for Biden or a vote for Trump it’s a vote for our country. God Bless the USA!!. He’s gonna win the 2020 election , the polls don’t matter but the people’s votes do. Hey Fox! You are committing Voter Suppression. You are influencing the outcome of the election. Shame on you. Most Voters are smarter than all of you combine. We know what you are up to.. Hes got a very good chance of winning Minnesota, tons of trump signs everywhere. The polls are trying to mislead the public and sway the vote. Most people don’t participate in polling.. I hope Trump wins Minnesota!. He has my Minnesota vote.. If you are still voting Democrat after the year you had in Minnesota, you need a head exam.

Fox Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster- A1

Thank God he’s our President.. I am once again asking all Americans to vote for Donald J. Trump in the upcoming election. America first.. Awesome, so proud of you President Trump. I wish this was getting a lot more attention than it is. One person held for three years, one held for one year and one person deceased. Glad to know that in the middle of all the chaos at home that Sec. Pompeo and the State Dept. are still keeping hostages at the forefront of diplomacy. Thank you all.. Thank you Mr President great thing you have done . Never gives up on the great citizens of America! Even when they get brainwashed by the anti- American left. He stills works for all of us . Our POTUS gets things done. How many prisoners have been released during his first term?. It should be all over news!!! How sad that’s it’s not!

Curious America is locked down -Where’s this money coming from, Biden supporters aren’t working and Pelosi isn’t giving them money so where’s it coming from?. They have to pay for his nursing home so Kamala can be president. When Pelosi said she was forming a commission to look at the 25th Amendment and said it was nit targeted at Trump she let us all know their plans. He only has to hang in for another mont… . IF ANY OF YOU THINK THE DEMOCRATS ARE GOING TO TAX THE RICH YOU HAD BETTER LOOK A LITTLE CLOSER AT WHO ARE FUNDING THEM.. Honestly, there are no words to express how sad this situation in America has become, IMO. Regardless of political affiliation , Biden is, obviously, suffering from dementia. I cannot put into words how sick I feel watching another human, literally, … See More. Wow!
That’s a lot of cash to spend on an Alzheimer’s patient!

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