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Richard HowardWell you’d think India would be in a national lockdown by now….. but no! 6 . Andy JHJust don’t open our doors unreservedly as previous governments did with our EU ‘friends’.9 . Danny LoyndBoris why don’t we concentrate on the amount of lives being lost through knife crime a poor 15 year old lost his life this morning. Gun shots fired all round the country gangs everywhere… let’s do that in our own country first… We come first! Noone… See More41 . Michele CowieIn reality, the borders have only been closed to the English who are trapped abroad, everyone else can get in. I’ll be okay tho, I have a foot pump. 11 . Glyn DavisI have voted conservative for the last two elections, but I am beginning to wonder if you ever actually do what you say your going to do. we do not need anymore mass immigration, this will bring you down the same as it has brought the labour party down… See More8  Flamingo and wine glitter face mask

Flamingo and wine glitter face mask

Flamingo and wine glitter face mask

Binoy John Dr”A friend in need is a friend indeed!”It’s heartening to see the camaraderie between PM Modi ji & you, especially in times of an unparalleled crisis! Thank you Boris Johnson sir & the People of the UK! … See More332 . 陳展慧Great Britain, great people! God bless the people of the Commonwealth. Restoration of Hong Kong, revolution of the times!It is recommended that the British government reopen the application for the British National (Overseas) passport, especially fo… See More5 . Mandy RaynerThey helped us in war times We help them in their plight Wonderful loyal allies69 . Kenneth Ken AxelGood move Boris ! India is a real partner you can rely on . 102 . Darren WalkerThe Conservative party has basically become the Labour Party and Green Party combined. They have become everything that we all voted against at the last GE .48 . Richard JamesSays it all really, how long as it been that the British greet people in that way. 17  Flamingo and wine glitter face mask

Flamingo and wine glitter face mask

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