Fitness You don't stop lifting when you get old poster


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Aussie men are the best . I can’t. What? I don’t understand how that even works.. Show off! . Wow. Impressive. I have tennis elbow & can barely lift my arm to drink . Well I feel inadequate…Some beer and nachos will make this memory fade…LOL…Jeeze even in my prime, I don’t think I could do that. Looking forward to Extraction Chris right up my street.. Why can’t I spend my stay at home here?. Yeah like you said, pointless unless you’re doing a tom cruise mission impossible type scene. I couldn’t do it even if there was a point to it . That’s the one move for me after every last pull ups that I am doing since I was kid, good to see that. I need to try this to lose my bingo wings! . I sprained my wrist grabbing a can of beer today.. I can’t wait to see you in the expendables 4 as a new recurt for the expendables team Fitness You don’t stop lifting when you get old poster

Fitness You don’t stop lifting when you get old poster

Fitness You don't stop lifting when you get old poster 3

Good bloody effort. I’d get as far as touching the bar, looking up and laughing. I could see the outcome before it happened . You can both show off as much as you like . Quite agree Bobby is a show off but your moves are pretty good too . My 10 year old son just watched this and went outside and said I’m going to try it u til I can do it. . It’s past midnight here I South Africa and I was feeling anxious but then this clip came on and made me smile. You have no idea the impact you have around the world. Good, clean and honest motivation. Bravo!. I can do that. You’re more talented than I am. I couldn’t even do an arm hang test in school. I’d just drop.. It hurts my arms looking at it. Chris, if you could just do that again……please xx Fitness You don’t stop lifting when you get old poster

Fitness You don’t stop lifting when you get old poster

Fitness You don't stop lifting when you get old poster 2

I love watching you exercise but your voice holds my attention much more!. That’s class Chris thank you, 2 weeks quarantine over just another 10 to go.. Nothing better than watching a man with laundry in his arms
next video can you do squats putting the laundry in the machine . Maaate you doing good #proud .. So hard to keep positive with my life the way it has been the last couple years. Trying to keep going but arms buggered out #wrecked can’t work or work out. Will just watch the summer bay guy chillin out at home. Kit and… See More. I’ll do a home workout if you come and do it with me to show me how to do it properly . Thank you, Thor! You’re a real hero
I’ve always been an early person to get things done and always try to keep positive and motivation to stay naturally healthy. Well, I am all warm-up from disinfecting and cleaning our house to keep everything hyg… See More

Fitness You don't stop lifting when you get old poster 1

yes but can bobby do the dishes? laundry? cook? lol. Easy, all the Asgardians can do that, including me, your first Moroccan fan.. undefined. Harry Connick Jr As Firelord. It’s the jaw. I had a dream about you last night!. Awaiting for its release on netflix. Yes, he is ….it’s bc … as Oz said …he doesn’t have what u have …. Strong AF! Come on Thor – at least do ONE!. If I tried that I’d break something! Cool looking though . Avengers infinity war.
When Thor arrives at wakkanda.. I don’t know where this page is at. But yes I’m having a great day. Listening to my favorite music. My favorite people. Um, I just moved, so eventually I’ll send you some pics of my new place. Today and tomarrow I’m unpacking and organizing. Miss you l… See More. Be honest don’t really know you,!and I don’t love you probably the love moment was metaphorical, but me thinking this is a fan page, a bloody good one at that! If not good actor , and well done

They’d get a better workout without their shirts on . Thanks! Great ideas..but practice better social distancing! . When did you film this? Hopefully not recently, Hems. You’re too close to each other.. Love watching your workout videos! the exercises you do are similar to the ones I do in self defense class! You will always be an awesome inspiration to us all Chris . Have a great weekend Chris and take care
I could help you with some personal training or something sometime take care dude have a great weekend . Where are the other five reps?? Great workout guys!!. 65 hours of work . That was way more entertaining than I thought it would be. Way to go guys. I’ll drink to that! . I want to see this but one upped by a famous Chris every day. Tomorrow: Laundry squats with a kid on top featuring Chris Pine

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